Thursday, 2 June 2016

Green Dragon Eco Farm - Buckinghamshire

We had a lovely day out at the Green Dragon Eco Farm recently, it's a hidden treasure in the middle of no where! 

We arrived at 9.30 but the farm didn't open until 10 so we sat in the cafe and had a drink and some cake (it's never too early for cake!)

As you go in there is a great little shop with some lovely gifts and toys to purchase and not too badly priced either! After paying the entry price and getting our wrist bands we made our way through to outside. There was a pedal kart arena for the older children and another for the younger ones with plenty of ride on's to choose from.

There was also a huge messy play barn with loads of space to ride around on, lots of seating and 2 big sand pits, great for if the weather isn't so great! 

The next building was the soft play barn which was fantastic, it has a separate baby section and another cafe.

We made our way past the outdoor play area which had a great bouncy done type play area, and past the wildlife pond where you can feed the ducks, down the track to the animal barn which had lambs, goats and piglets in as it was time for the lamb feeding. Lexie really enjoyed getting up close to the animals and being able to stroke them and absolutely loved feeding the lambs!

Next we went to the pet cabin which had some rabbits and Guinea pigs and also some birds. At certain times they have the animals out their cages on a table for petting although you can't handle them which surprised me. 

There is also a footpath to walk around the paddocks and meadows and also a walled garden with greenhouse to explore but we didn't have time to do these so will next time. One of many reasons to return!!

After washing our hands we made our way back to the soft play for lunch as the babies were getting hungry and we wanted them to eat and have time to play before getting back for the school run.

Overall we all had a great day at a good price. I noticed they had lots of deals on too which was good like an after school offer 3-6pm including dinner for £5 and also some activities and events planned in the future which looked good for the other kids. We will definitely be visiting again soon. A great day out for all the family!


  1. We love visiting our local farms and are lucky to have 3 around our area. This one looks great!

  2. looks like such a fun place, great for everyone! x

  3. Great photos - this looks like a brilliant day out. The goats are very cute! x

  4. haha I had to laugh: it is indeed never too early for cake! Glad you had fun.

  5. Looks like you had a great time. Cake is perfect at every time.

  6. My kids are showing less interest for farms now they are getting older which is such a shame as I love them! Mich x

  7. That looks like somewhere my two would love - they pretend they're too old for farms but we went to one a few weeks ago and they LOVED it x

  8. That looks like a great value place to visit - mine love the farm

  9. Looks like you had a great day out, plenty for the little ones to do x