Friday, 20 May 2016

Riley's bug hunting tips

Bug hunting is one of Riley's most favourite things to do, he's such a typical boy!
It's so easy to do, it's as simple as going outside and looking for bugs! 
Riley in his bug hunting attire

Here are our top tips to help make sure you find some interesting little bugs to keep your little bug hunters entertained for hours at a time, again and again!
A basic kit list that you need would consist of:
  • A clear container ideally a plastic tub or jar with air holes so your little discoveries can be fully examined before being released back into the wild. 
  • A spoon for picking up your creepy crawlies.
  • Camera or notebook and pencil for noting down your findings, you can then research more once you get home and see what kinds of bugs you have discovered.
  • Magnifying glass

We thoroughly recommend this kit from The National Trust website

Before you start it's good to remember....

Be careful to avoid any nasty stings from either bugs or surroundings such as nettles.

Be gentle not to squash any bugs.

Search carefully and quietly, handling the bugs as little as possible to cause the least amount of disturbance as possible.

Any stones or logs should be replaced back to where they were afterwards.

Where to look......
  • Window frames and sills
  • In walls of buildings 
  • climbing plants 
  • cracks in paving slabs and rocks
  • In and under plant pots
  • guttering 
  • flower heads 
  • In grass
  • Under stones, pebbles and logs

Recording your findings: 
  • What colour is it? 
  • How many legs does it have? 
  • How big is it? 
  • Does it have wings? 
  • Where did you find it? 
  • How does it move?
  • Is it eating anything? 
We hope you have lots of fun and find loads of interesting bugs! 


  1. Good tips Riley. I have excellent bug hunters for kids too!

  2. Bug hunting is one of my favourite challenges with the kids here on the farm. I have a collection of magnifying glasses and our very own bug hotel. That National Trust back pack looks like it has plenty of goodies in it too.

  3. My boys enjoy bug hunting, this looks like a great kit with everything you could possibly need x

  4. Definitely some great tips there! Our favourites are Woodlouse x

  5. Mine both adore looking for bugs. It's usually the next day I find their new 'pet' has entered their bedrooms and is 'sleeping ' in a box by the bed

  6. We have that National trust kit and the kids take it everywhere with them! They love hunting for bugs too x

  7. love that he's dressed as spiderman to collect bugs! so cute!

  8. my kids love bug hunting - we do it in the forest and find all sorts of creatures - I do have persuade them to let them go again though

  9. He's clearly an expert - what great tips! I love that he has a dedicated costume too - Spiderman must surely be the best superhero to attract bugs!

  10. Great tips Riley although I'm secretly pleased that my two have never been keen on bug hunting x x

  11. Ella loves bug hunting and has had a fair few bug hunting kits in the past. I'm not a fan, I have to admit but I never try to show it!

  12. ha love his bug hunting attire! Wilf loves looking at insects, when he was little he would call them 'bimbles' x

  13. Ha, Emma keeps finding spiders in the house these days and asks me to put them out. They usually end up squashed so I will follow these tips to see if I do any better ;-). That kit looks fun and it is really good value for money!