Thursday, 28 April 2016

Lexie's first trip to our new library

Our local town is currently under going lots of development and has been for the last couple of years, we have a new Tesco, Sainsbury, a cinema, multi-storey car park and also a brand new civic centre which houses the council services and our new library which has recently opened plus LOADS of new houses!

This morning I went and had a nosey around and registered Lexie at the library so we can borrow some books each visit as she is really showing interest in them recently especially the touchy feely ones and I was so impressed! It's absolutely amazing compared to our old dull and boring library we used to have, so much bigger and brighter and definitely more up to date. 

Friday, 22 April 2016

General update

I'm sorry I've been so bad at updating this year! I can't quite believe we are half way through April already! I definitely think as you age you notice time, even weeks fly by so quick. 

Life really is so short and this year especially has shown this with all these celebrity deaths, I can't believe it so many legends taken in such a short time and most to that awful disease. Heartbreaking it really is.

On a brighter note, we are all doing ok ...

Lexie is nearly 15 months now and is running around and has such a character! She has all of us wrapped around her little finger, she's so cheeky!! She says 'hi ya' to everyone, you'd be surprised at how many people ignore her, bless her cotton socks! Some ignorant so and so's out there! She has 11 teeth and loads of fly away curly hair, she's sleeping so much better than she was and eating everything, (including cat biscuits! Don't ask!) she has a cracking sense of humour and is definitely a daddy's girl!