Sunday, 7 February 2016

Lexie's 'smash the cake' 1st birthday photoshoot

I thought I'd do the shoot a post of its own as it was such a lovely experience and will be an amazing keepsake to show the kids when they grow up.

I found the company on Facebook and the pictures looked amazing so I booked the shoot quite early on, I think Lexie was only a few months old! I paid £49 and this included a 2 hour shoot with pre cake pictures, the cake and a choice of different outfits to wear and also a print of my favourite picture. Other pictures could also be purchased for additional costs.

The photographer arrived and set up. I was expecting lots of mess obviously but the way they set up made it so easy to clean up and pretty much mess free! They used a disposable backdrop which was on a roll which they pulled down and taped to the floor and at the end they simply cut it off and swept the cake into the middle, folded up and put in a bag and took it away with them! They did it all even though I was ready with the dustpan and brush!!

The choice of outfits was amazing, tutu's in every colour imaginable, necklaces and bows for the little girls and cute little vintage style braves and cute hats for the boys, just adorable! It was a very hard choice but in the end I went with a Minnie Mouse dress for some pre cake photos as her birthday theme was Minnie. For the actual shoot I chose a dark pink tutus with matching hair bow and a pearl type necklace which Lexie loved playing with and this helped keep her attention from crawling off the set!!

I was unsure how she would react to the cake and wondered whether she would get stuck in or hate the mess but she surprised me! She patted the cake a few times so we opened up the cake and gave her a spoon and she soon got stuck in and took a mouthful! 

We got some great pictures and what really helped was the bond Lexie built with the photographer, she loved him! The photos were viewable within 24 hours via an online gallery. I found it really hard to narrow the pictures down so I ended up purchasing 3 other ones in addition to the one included in the package. 

I chose a Minnie Mouse one, a pre cake tutu one, a post cake tutu one and also a post cake tutu one with a 1st birthday hat on! I paid £119 extra, not the cheapest but the pictures are adorable and in my opinion worth every penny! Plus Lexie is my last baby so that's my excuse!!

The only downside to the whole experience is the waiting time for the pictures is 6 weeks which is disappointing but shows how busy they are which goes to show how great the pictures are again! 
Update....... Pics have arrived! 

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

My 2016 resolutions - how am I getting on?

My New Years resolutions were to lose weight! I only want to lose 1 stone, maybe a stone and a half max and also tone up my tummy muscles a bit. 

My plan was to eat better and start exercising so I joined slimming world at the beginning of January and I have to say I'm loving it! So far I've lost 6lb and at weigh in on Friday I'm hoping for another 1lb loss so I can get my 1/2 a stone award certificate. I love going to the meeting as they are so helpful and really motivate me for the week ahead!

This week I've also joined the gym and plan to go 3 times a week for an hour each time. I had my induction last Friday and went for an hour on Monday and also did a spinning class this morning followed by an hour in the gym so all going well. I am going again Friday and have also booked a Pilates class. Lexie has been going into the crèche at the leisure centre where the gym is and seems to settle fine for the hour she there and the 2 ladies who work there are lovely.

I'm hoping the exercise doesn't have a negative effect on my weight as I've heard some people gain due to muscle gain when they begin exercising!
I have definitely noticed a change in my mood and I feel generally more energetic and happier within myself and I actually feel rather proud that I've done it all on my own (no moral support from friends etc...) but I have to say it was nerve wrecking but I did it and the worst bit is over now!

Onwards and upwards from here on!!

Lexie turns 1

Where has the last year gone?!! I'm feeling a little sad that my last baby is no longer a baby! 

She turned 1 last Thursday and took her first steps 2 days prior to this so can I now call her a toddler?!