Friday, 20 November 2015

Campaign to end loneliness

I was recently asked to help Sunrise Senior Living with their campaign to raise awareness of loneliness in old age. 

Sunrise Senior Living provide all types of care for the elderly in their care homes across the UK. They are Dementia Care specialists
As you are probably already aware many elderly people are often lonely and feel isolated where they live and this is why Sunrise decided to run a campaign to help combat loneliness and increase awareness.
Recent research from the group Campaign to End Loneliness has shown how detrimental loneliness can be to a person’s health, especially for older people. In order to combat this the issue needs highlighting and awareness needs to be raised so I was more than happy to help in any way I could. 

The campaign immediately made me think about this years John Lewis Christmas advert with the little girl and the man on the moon, it brings a tear to my eye every time.

It was suggested that I host a meal for someone who may be feeling lonely. If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know that we lost my mum very quickly to cancer just under 2 years ago and in addition to myself and my older sister, my mum also left behind my dad who she had been married to for 36 years. The effect this has had on my dad has been heartbreaking to witness but he has coped amazingly well although I do worry about him. He has a great support network of friends both at the local golf club and his local pub but this is obviously no comparison to a loving marriage and his life companion so like I said I do worry about him, especially his eating and him getting lonely at night.

This is why I decided to invite him over and cook for him and play some games one evening. Sunrise very kindly sent me some recipes and covered the cost of the ingredients for our meal plus some games to play like garden quoits and playing cards and I have to say we had a wonderful family fun filled evening. 
For our starter I cooked a smoked chicken and orange salad....

For the main course I did Beef Bourguignon but minus the mushrooms as none of us like them in our family!

For dessert I did a baileys cheesecake as dad loves Baileys. I usually get him a bottle for Christmas or his birthday, well Bailey or Jack Daniels!!

I think dad really enjoyed the company (and the cooking!) and I really enjoyed spending time with him. So it was a big success! 

Loneliness in the elderly is such a huge issue and needs as much awareness raising as possible, do you know any elderly people within your neighbourhood who you could invite round and cook for or just pop by and spend time with? I'm sure they would love the company and you get the same amazing feeling I did that I had done a good thing for someone else and nothing beats that feeling.

With Christmas just around the corner help us all raise awareness to stop this loneliness, no one deserves to be lonely especially at this time of year.


  1. I completely agree!

    My dad was lost when my Mum died and I spent a lot of time with him afterwards as he was so lonely on his own in the house they'd shared xx

  2. Heartbreaking to know of all these elderly folk sitting alone in their homes! We take an elderly lady from one of the local homes out once in a while but I think we could do more!xx

  3. It's so sad that many elderly people end up lonely. It's good that your dad, despite his (and your) loss, still has you all to care for him.

  4. I am ashamed to say I don't really know any of our neighbours and we do have some elderly ones. We really should introduce ourselves

  5. NI total agree with you on this. I hope that as I get old that I have companions.

  6. I totally agree and it makes me so sad to think of all of these people on their own. I wish there was an "adopt a grandparent" scheme...I think it would be a wonderful thing to do and I'd love to.

  7. What a lovely idea and I'm so sorry about your Mum. xxx

  8. i love this, we have befriended an elderly couple recently and will endeavour to help support and be there for them :-)