Sunday, 11 October 2015

NCT Newly New Sale clothes haul

We went to our local NCT Nearly new sale today as I love a good bargain and after 4 children I've learnt there is certainly nothing wrong with second hand clothes! Here's what we got..
Christmas Pudding hat and gloves set 6-12 months £1.00

Set of 3 Next 18-24 months long sleeves tops £1.50

12-18 months Joules leggings £2.00

Set of 3 TU Sainsbury's Leggings 9-12 months £1.50

John Lewis trousers aged 6 years £1.00

9-12 months dress George Asda £1.00

Hand knitted hooded cardigan £1.50

9-12 moths George Asda hooded jacket £1.00

Grobag 18-36 months £3.00

Total spend £13.50

How much do you think I've saved myself? After a quick nosey at the shop websites RRP's I've come to the conclusion that I've saved....over £70.00!!!!! 

Rough RRP's
Christmas Pudding hat and glove set £10.00
Set of 3 Next tips £14.00
Joules leggings £9.00
Set of 3 Sainsbury's leggings £6.00
John Lewis trousers £12.00
Asda dress £8.00
Asda jacket £7.00
Handmade jacket £0 as nothing to compare!
Grobag £22.99
Have you been to your local nearly new sale before? What was your biggest bargain?


  1. You did well didn't you? I am helping organise ours next weekend. My last one as my son is now 8 and I have less to sell.

  2. I used to love a good NCT sale - the clothes were great quality and often designer names and the sales are well organised. I even sold off some baby stuff myself! Your little haul is great!

  3. Well done you! What a great saving x

  4. What some fantastic items - I love the pudding hat and shoes so very cute. x

  5. I've never been to a NCT sale before. You've got some fantastic bargains, I'm very impressed with the prices.

  6. Woah, what a fabulous haul you have there. It is a shame there is nothing near us

  7. Wow what bargains, I have heard such good things about NCT nearly new sales, I really should get myself to one soon x

  8. oh my goodness that christmas pudding hat is amazing! we often buy second hand as they never seem to wear out their clothes

  9. I keep meaning to go to NCT sales but never get there - some brilliant bargains there

  10. What great finds - esp love the Xmas pudding hat!

  11. I went to a couple of these in the past and got some bargains too. Awww the Christmas pudding hat is lovely.

  12. NCT nearly new sales are brilliant. I always used to go to them when my kids were small, and I also sold stuff there a few times as they grew.

  13. that xmas pudding set is the cutest!! love NCT nearly new sales, I've not gone since W was a baby but looking forward to checking them out again when the baby is born x

  14. Wow, that's an impressive haul. I remember trying to go to an NCT sale when my girls were babies and could hardly get through the door!

  15. those are some serious bargains! Do they ever have them for older kids? Love the idea of buying pre-loved like this, especially at those prices!

  16. We used to, we had one nearby and it was brilliant, unfortunately the lady organising it got too busy with her normal job and stopped!
    Loads of great bargains there, well done!xx

  17. Oh my goodness how well did you do! Lots of bargains there, what a fabulous hoard and for not much either :)