Friday, 2 October 2015

My tips for reading with baby

Lexie has recently started taking a real interest in books (rather than just eating them!) so we have started reading with her more.

We have started with touchy feely and lift the flap books and also books with lots of bold pictures and colours. She just loves them, her face lights up when she see's the bright pictures!

We also have some nursery rhyme books that she already recognises from Musical Minis, the music class we attend.

I've put together my top tips for reading with a baby that have worked for us...
  • Pick a quiet and relaxed time to read with no distractions.
  • The bath is a great place to read and you can introduce bath books too.
  • Choose rhyme or repetition books and use funny voices such as high pitched or deep to keep babies attention. 
  • Make your own stories up using picture books. 
  • Read for a few minutes a day and make sure baby is not hungry or overtired.
  • Point out the words and pictures to help baby learn. 
  • Don't be discouraged if you lose babies attention, just try again another time. 
  • Start with cloth books or touchy feely to stimulate their senses and explore different textures and sounds and increase their listening skills.
  • Involve your other children and take it in turns to read a page each.
  • Read books where you can sing and do actions such as nursery rhymes.
  • Read slowly so baby can really hear the words.
  • Converse with baby about the book and leave time for baby to coo a response if they want to.
  • Read the same books regularly such as colours and counting, they will be learning from the repetition from a young age.


  1. Fantastic post. It's never too early to start reading with a baby, I remember reading to my two year old and my newborn was definitely listening to our voices too! :)

  2. Great post! I'm a huge believer in the benefits of books for babies and the earlier you start the better. We used to have loads of those clip on dangly books on the buggy too, and join the library as soon as you can. x

  3. My children have always liked the voices I do when I read them books. I know they must like them because they ask for me to read to them!

  4. what a wonderful post. I read to my children pretty much from birth and still do, although Liam constantly tells me he can read himself lol

  5. Some good ones my kids love to listen to me read to them.

  6. I would also say have books out where baby can see them and touch them. My boys had books from being tiny and I LOVE books.

  7. Aww these sound like some great tips - I have many fond memories of reading from childhood. x

  8. It's so important to read from an early age. We went to a weaning meeting at 4 months and the health visitor said she could tell that I was already reading to my child because of the way he was looking at the booklet we were given.

  9. Reading with a baby is a lovely bonding experience as well as being great for their development too. We always read together, my babies and i!

  10. we love lift the flap books and seem to have half the contents of the library round ours at the moment!

  11. Reading with kids is so important and its great you have started so young. Mine always enjoyed the bath books too

  12. When Aiden was a baby/toddler I'd bring him to my bed in a morning and we'd spend half an hour reading/looking at books. It was a lovely way to wake up slowly and he was a great book lover until he grew up and discovered computers!

  13. Great tips. I shared books with my children from when they were tiny babies - it's never too early to start. I used to have cloth and board books in a basket on the floor so that they were easy for my kids to access when they were tiny.

  14. A lovely post, I used to love reading with my girls at bedtime each night its was great way to settle them in their room where it was quiet.

  15. i love reading time with our little ones and theres unlimited amount of books