Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Lexie's 9 month update

So sorry I haven't blogged much in the last few weeks, things are hectic at home with the building work and the kids being off school on half term!

Can't believe its update time again! She'll be a year before I know it!

What size clothes is she in? 9-12 months and a few 12-18 bits

How much does she weigh? Haven't had her weighed this month but will update next week when we go to baby group

How many bottles/ounces does she drink? Still only taking 5oz each feed. She has 3 bottles during the day and 1 in the night

How is weaning going? She has 3 meals a day and some finger food, like broccoli, runner beans, peas and carrots. I did try bread but she just stores it at the top of her mouth!

How does she sleep day and night? She has 2 sometimes 3 naps a day depending on the length. Her teeth are really giving her jip at the moment so she is waking on average 3 times a night too. She goes to bed between 6-6.30pm and has been waking between 5-6am

Any new milestones? She has learnt to pull herself up to standing and can move a little along the sofa. She has also started babbling and also waving this month so it sounds like she says bye!

 Teeth Within days of turning 8 months Lexie got her first tooth swiftly followed by number 2!

Crawling  She is super fast with her crawling now!

What's our daily routine like? 5-6 wake and bottle, school run then breakfast just after 9am then nap. 12pm lunch then another nap, bottle between 2-3pm then dinner at 4pm then bath and bottle at 6 then bed

What's she's loving this month? She loves her new baby walker and also activity table. She prefers to face outwards on her pushchair now rather than facing me! 

Any big changes this month? Pulling herself up to standing and definitely more vocal! She loves waving and has mastered clapping and has recently discovered the muscles in her forehead so has some cracking facial expressions and frowns a lot!

Hair  It's growing lots and definitely getting darker and when its wet she gets little curls! So cute! 

Eyes Still a beautiful navy coloured blue


  1. Aw she looks so cute. Lovely to have an online diary like this.

  2. So nice to keep a record of her development. Loving the pictures too.

  3. Aw what a lovely way to document and record your baby's stages. I wish I had thought to do this with my two!!

  4. Awww, she is just adorable and I love that you keep such a great record.

  5. aww love this age, they really do come into their own dont they as their personalities shine through

  6. Bless, she is growing so fast. She will be off and running before you know it

  7. She's so lovely, it's so nice to see her doing so well and it will be lovely for you to look back on these when she is older x

  8. What a little cute, this is such a great age, so much development happening.

  9. Posts like this are so lovely to look back on. Bless her, she's a cutie! Kaz x

  10. What a great idea, to capture all the stages. I wish I'd done more of this with my two when they were tiny. Doesn't she look adorable in the Christmas pudding hat!