Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Ellie's gruesome graveyard cake

Ellie loves cooking, she is definitely the baker in our house! So far this half term (it's Tuesday) she has made peppermint creams, cupcakes, pancakes and her gruesome graveyard cake! She said she had seen a pumpkin design on YouTube and decided to change the pumpkins to people just to be different! 

Over to Ellie to share her recipe....

Hi, I saw this idea on YouTube using pumpkins and I decided to give it a bit of a twist! I would definitely recommend everyone to try this idea, you could change it and experiment with lots of different, adventurous ideas. Here is how I made this frightful Halloween cake.......

        First you will need to make a chocolate cake.........

  • In a bowl cream together 175g of Butter and caster sugar.
  • Next add in two large eggs, and mix well!
  • Sieve in 175g of self-raising flour and 1tsp of baking powder (Fold this into the wet ingredients)
  • Now you can add in some cocoa powder (as much as needed to make it extra chocolaty!)
  • Then you need to add 300ml of milk and mix well.
  • Now that your mix is ready heat your oven to 180oC and fill a rectangular cake tin with the mix (But don't forget to lightly grease the tin with butter and also lining the bottom of the tin comes in handy!) 
  • Bake the cake and check regularly by inserting a knife and if it comes out clean then its ready!(My cake took around 30-45 minutes to bake!) 

         Next you will need to make a vanilla cake or just a plain sponge.............

Use the same method as before with the butter, caster sugar, eggs, flour and baking powder but do not put in cocoa powder instead put in vanilla extract! (You may not need to use as much milk this time as there is not as much dry ingredients!)
  • Now one the chocolate cake has cooled down cut into slices around 2-3 inches wide. with these slices turn them so they are on there side a with a cookie cutter cut out a figure like shape, Pull away the left over bits of cake and put them aside to eat later :)
  • Then re-grease the cake tin with butter and baking paper, stand up the "dead people" so that they all touch each other and pour the vanilla/plain sponge on the top and along the sides but do not completely cover the heads of the "dead people" in the cake mix but make sure you give them a little coat so that they do not burn, then cook again on 180oC , check regularly.
  • Once your cake is golden brown and out of the oven , leave to cool before decorating.

Here is the completed cake, obviously you can also decorate the outside of the cake, maybe try piping some green icing for grass, grate some chocolate for mud and even add a tombstone

Here is a picture once we cut the cake showing the dead people inside!.......

Hope you enjoy as much as I did!


  1. Ohh this sounds delicious what a great Halloween treat. x

  2. Such a creative baker, she sounds very enthusiastic and the cake looks very yummy!xx

  3. I love baking for Halloween and making things look spooky

  4. Oh wow how awesome, that looks fab. My kids would love this x

  5. What a great idea! Very Halloweeny and yummy too! Kaz x

  6. Love this, what a super fun idea. I think we will have to give thtese a try

  7. This looks so brilliant when it is cut that way!

  8. I love the way you describe them as dead people lol x