Wednesday, 9 September 2015

My Top Photos on Facebook

I came across a great app on Facebook which shows you your top photos on Facebook so I thought I'd share mine with you all.

These are since 2012 because I created a new profile as I couldn't change my name after we married.

10. My bunch of nutters 

9. Lexie in SCBU

8. Pregnancy shoot with the hubby 

7. My beautiful Mum

6. My pregnancy timeline

5. 12 week bump shoot 

4. Me and mum's makeover shoot 

3. Lexie found her thumb!

2. The kids meeting Lexie for the first time in SCBU

1. Lexie's first picture after she was born


  1. I love your pregnancy timeline photo, amazing shots x

  2. Gorgeous photos and some very special moments!

  3. Such lovely moments. I have been using the 'On this day' app on facebook and love looking at what we did on the exact day but years before. Makes me realise how much life has changed.

  4. Great pictures! I do like your pregnancy timeline one in particular.

  5. You have some very special photos, what special memories. I think I may have one pregnancy pic, I wish I had more now.

  6. What some gorgeous photos - Facebook really does make for great memories. x

  7. Loving the pregnancy timeline! Lovely pictures and memories

  8. Love the pregancy timeline - so should have done that

  9. Lovely moments - the pregnancy timeline is fab!

  10. i have to agree the first one is fabulous especially

  11. What lovely memories. what was the app called?

    1. Top photos I think. I'll see if I can find a link for you

  12. I've been enjoying the "on this day" section of Facebook. I don't always share them on my timeline like the timehop peeps tend too. But I do like looking back on what we did in previous years.

  13. What lovely photos, I love the pregnancy timeline its a great way to look back at your pregnancy.