Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Monthly Bucket List - August and September 2015

Here was my bucket list for August - how did I do?!!

  • Lose at least 4lb in weight Nope! No loss but no gain
  • Stop eating so many biscuits and donuts Yes and no, cut down though
  • Keep up with my Daily Offers Post Big fat NO unfortunately but I will try harder once kids are back at school!
  • Sort all the kids stuff ready for school (I have been known to forget something and have to mad dash around the day before school starts again!) YES
  • Exercise a little each day NO
  • Declutter and start packing up the living room ready for the builders to knock through  YES
  • Sort through Lexie's clothes and bag up her 3-6 months to sell YES
  • Look into some courses that interest me YES
  • Sort Ellie's birthday presents and party YES

Here's my bucket list for September!
  • Start the course I enrolled on
  • Finish clearing the living room
  • Make a start on decluttering the kitchen
  • Sell/Donate some old baby stuff
  • Get Lexie on 3 meals a day
  • Make more of an effort to see dad
  • Sort through Riley's toys
  • Lose some weight


  1. Glad to see you achieved some goals! I always find it hard to do stuff in summer as we try and cram so much in.

  2. I think you did really well with your August Bucket List considering it was the school holidays as well. Good luck in September we are hopefully going back onto our healthy eating and exercising regime, I can't remember all my excuses so will have to start x

  3. I think you have done really well. The summer holidays always put pay to most of the things that I plan!

  4. If I write my goals down I might not stop...haha. Well done on your progress... I love donuts too :)

  5. It's often hard to do everything we set out to do but well done on maintaining your weight - that's better than putting on!

  6. You did have a mamouth list for a month when the kids were off! lol Mich x

  7. Yay for the things you did manage to do - some great things in there and good luck for your September list! x

  8. Could do with doing a list such as this very good idea.

  9. Such a good idea to do a list on your blog, means you're more likely to stick to it. You've done really well, well done. I'm sure it will be easier when term starts too :)

  10. I find goal setting in the holidays just doesn't work - good luck for next month

  11. I think you did pretty well considering. Good luck with this month!

  12. This is such a good idea, having a goal list each month, I will use it as an inspiration.xx

  13. A fab list and I love you've been honest with crossing them off.

    I've a list at home and have failed on most things

  14. Brilliant a monthly ticket list is such a great idea

  15. I'm hoping to lose weight this month too *she says after having a takeaway* x