Saturday, 12 September 2015

Letter to my beautiful first born as she becomes a teen...

To my beautiful first born Ellie as you turn 13,

It doesn't feel like 13 years ago that you came into this world, I still remember it all like it was yesterday. You changed my life forever, you gave my life a meaning, a purpose and taught me what unconditional love was. From the moment you were born you became my world, my priority, my life, my everything.

I'm so very proud of the mature sensible loving young lady you are becoming. Your birth was long and hard but you were worth every bit of it and more. 6lb 3oz's of pure gorgeousness! I remember as a baby you had the most gorgeous big blue eyes and as you grew into a toddler along came the amazing curly red hair... you were just adorably beautiful.

As you turn 13, the start of a whole new adventure begins.... your teenage years.
I can remember being a teenager myself so it's hard to get my head around the fact that you, my daughter are becoming a teenager now! It makes me feel so old!

Being a teenage is hard, the hormones and emotions you go through, the friendship and boyfriend issues that feel like the end of the world at the time, plus all the added peer pressure there can be.
Choose your friends wisely, be a positive leader and don't follow the crowd, be everyone's friend.

 Please talk to me and remember that I have been where you are now and can help you through any worries or concerns you have. You can always trust me, I will do my best to protect you and fight your corner when needed. I will always be there for you to support you along the way

Believe in yourself always, try new things and try your hardest to be the best that you can be. Enjoy these school years as they are such a tiny part of your whole life but how hard you work now can impact the rest of your life, study hard now and you really can do whatever you want when you grow up.
Be sensible, be good and work hard, you know right from wrong, be your own person, stay true to yourself and remember the values we have taught you.
Be assertive, stand your ground for what you believe in and stand up for yourself.
When I tell you how smart and beautiful a person you are, believe me because I will not lie to you.
Remember everyone has strengths and weaknesses, this is not a negative thing. No one is good at everything but as long as you know you have tried the best you can, be proud of yourself because I will be too.

I may be hard on you and seem unfair at times but I promise you that I will always have your best interests at heart. I am your friend and your mum and want the best for you and will do the best I possibly can to help you achieve to your full potential.
Always be yourself, never stop being the Ellie we all adore, mood swings and all ;) 

Love you always
Mum x

Dear So and So at Mummy from the Heart


  1. Gorgeous photos and a lovely letter - your love and pride shines through xx

  2. Some great advice there - my eldest is about to become a teen too, it's scary how fast it has gone!!

  3. That's lovely - 13 is a real milestone! My eldest turns 18 in November, very scary!

  4. Aww what a lovely letter! My daughter turned 9 recently...its scary how quick they grow up

  5. Aw this is lovely! What a milestone and what a scary time for any parent! This is such a lovely letter though full of wise advice and reassurance, I'll remember this when I get there in a few years! I hope she has a wonderful birthday!

  6. What some lovely photos - happy birthday to your daughter. x

  7. What a lovely letter. It's scary how quickly they grow up.

  8. Such a lovely letter, I'm sure she feels very proud of her Mum reading this and knows that she is very much loved x

  9. What a lovely letter. Scary when they hit their teens when you still feel young yourself

  10. Ahh beautiful, a letter for her to treasure. Mich x

  11. Your daughter is beautiful and love all the photos, and what a lovely letter this will be me next year x

  12. Awww, this is beautiful. Have you actually given the letter to your daughter? How did she react?

    1. Yes she read it and told me she loved me soooo much 💗

  13. When I saw this the other day, I thought of my linky, thanks for joinning in. Mich x

  14. Aww hope she had a lovely birthday. What a milestone for the both of you! I can't imagine being a mum to teenagers. Wish we could pause time sometimes x

  15. What a gorgeous young lady and how beautiful your letter to her is! Wishing Ellie and yourself calm sailing through the teenage years!xx