Friday, 4 September 2015


I've been thinking about handbags!! If you are anything like me you probably use something that resembles a handbag, but contains what should be the contents of a changing bag crossed with a rubbish bin!!
What do you have in your handbag and what are essential handbag must haves?

Here's what you all had to say.....

Sonia from Well my essentials would be my phone, baby wipes, tissues and anti bacterial hand lotion. Can't go anywhere without those ;) xx
Joanne M  Phone, purse, house keys, lip balm. Maybe earphones so I can listen to music from the phone. I have a couple of tiny handbags and those are my essentials. Maybe lose the purse if I'm just going for a walk.
Amy from Any bacterial hand gel even if I'm out without my daughter haha!  
Louise R I have the basics, wallet, phone, keys, then my makeup bag, pen, notebook, diary planner. I also have a cereal bar for snacks. Then things that are there which shouldn't be is a handful of receipts, probably a dummy or two, and maybe a toddler toy. If the toddler's are with me for a short trip, there may be a couple of nappies, wipes, a drink and some snacks. If it's a long day then the baby bag holds my essentials.
Jade from Mine are my purse, phone, keys, pen, notebook, Vaseline, hair grips and a hair bobble, wipes, clean knickers, mascara and blusher! x

Lucy  from Tons of receipts! Why do Tesco's give them out three at a time now?! Priority make up items; lip gloss, mascara, powder, in case I find myself sitting next to George Clooney on the bus, purse, keys, phone, and my essential; tissues, or a small pack of wipes, a multitude of uses! 
Janette from Baby wipes are my top item - great for cleaning dirty bums, hands and faces (not with the same wipe!).
Jo E Phone, purse, keys, notebook & pen, tissues, hand cloth (depending on the season sun cream / mozzie spray). The least amount of stuff possible, my boy is big enough to carry his own crap now!

Rachel H Where do I start? Phone, earphones, make up bag packed to the rafters, sanitary products, one of my sons toys, sunglasses, laptop, shopping vouchers, purse, numerous pens, notebook, endless pennies scattered at the bottom that i really need to put back in my purse, food, bottle of water, cigarettes (don't judge me), lighter, hairspray, hairbrush xx Oh and hand sanitizer is an absolute must.

 Mo from My handbag essentials: House keys, mobile phone, pen, notepad, bank cards, some money; and lip balm (when I can be bothered). |
Mary from Purse, sunglasses (ever the optimist) keys, pack of crayons, suncream, hat for son, audiobook CD, tampax, pens - they multiply overnight, receipts, leaflets from places we've visited, camera, phone, umbrella, diary, compact mirror and lippy for the times I actually get to be me rather than Mum, tissues/wipes, hand sanitiser, business cards and London Underground map
Shari from  My purse, blood glucose machine (I am type 1 diabetic), mobile, couple of pens, lipgloss, some sweets or chocolate, keys, business cards and my e-reader. My kids carry their own backpacks if we go out longer than to the shops. 
Laura from Ok, I usually have the following: pack of tissues, a nail file, make-up, spare pair of tights, mini bottle of perfume, mini bottle of hairspray, my debit card, spare change which is swimming around my bag as I don't use a purse, sanitary products, a comb, my glasses and my phone. All baby items stay in the changing bag. Hope that helps and would love you to tag me in the post so I can have a read. Oh, I forgot - about a million receipts and cards with my hair appointments on that are about two years old. I really must throw them away x
Maxine I don't even carry a handbag anymore, it's always the 'rucksack filled with bubba stuff' lol   

Samantha D Apart from the hundreds of receipts, my purse, mobile, pens, keys, tissues, lip palm, hand cream, mints, some rubbish my daughter has put in although not too often these days

So here is my list of handbag essentials 

Mobile phone
Deodorant / perfume
Lip balm / Vaseline
Tissues / baby wipes
Essential makeup
Hair brush / comb
Hand sanitizer / lotion
Diary / Notebook
Sun cream
Glasses / Sun glasses
Sanitary products
Nail file

Did I miss anything or have I covered all eventualities?!!


  1. Erm... well I think you carry more than me Gem lol. I always forget something and I guess my only essentials are wallet, keys and phone :0

  2. I literally carry purse, phone, keys, lip balm and that's about it!

  3. Every week or so I have to have a clear out of all the "stuff" that I have gathered up in my bag that isn't meant to be there from the kids! It is nice to have a smaller bag though now the kids are getting older! x

  4. I think you have it allll covered! I don't even own a handbag - just big pockets :)

  5. I always have a Kindle or a book with me, I can't be bored for 1 minute so frequently have a quick read in a queue :)

  6. I honestly don't know what's in mine. I think it goes something like driving licence, car keys, mirror, purse, camera (it goes everywhere with me!), phone, door keys, mutterpass and rennies (my hospital pass as I am expecting another baby in 4 weeks, and rennies are mandatory with my heartburn at the moment!) :D

  7. I have my phone, my phone charger, a camera, a notebook for ideas and some make up and lip balm x x

  8. I have pretty much the same as yours, but also Dobble and nerf bullets for some reason

  9. Hand cream is always a must for me as my hands get dry especially in the winter.

  10. Handbags are such personal things aren't they - amazing all we fit in them. x

  11. Im too scared too look into mine to see what is in it x

  12. I'm very sad and clear mine out every couple of days, so there is always just the essentials in it! Mich x

  13. I'm always swapping between handbags, depending on whether or not I need my camera, charger, notebook and pen with me. I try to keep the bare essentials in there.

  14. I have just had a massive clear out and have a smaller bag so everything has had to go - just a purse, pen and phone for me now

  15. Well, I have about 2 or 3 handbags on the go! A work one that has work related stuff and then just casual ones for the weekend.
    I'm sure the amount a carry around is far to much but you never know when you might need that one thing at the bottom of your bag.
    ps I love that Cath Kidston bag!

  16. Whoa! That's a lot of stuff. Mind you my bag is always full - just with stuff I DON'T need! ;)

  17. I carry round a tiny purse if I nip to the shop but otherwise I have my phone, bank card, keys, makeup and camera. Often my iPad too x

  18. Is it bad I don't carry a handbag? Seriously, all I need is phone, credit card, headphones and keys, all of which fit in my pocket!