Saturday, 19 September 2015

Bike Safety Check

Keira has recently started her cycling proficiency course at school. This is probably the only reason she was looking forward to going back to school and starting Year 6 after the summer holidays!!

On the first week she came home and said that they stayed on the school playground and did checks on their bikes to make sure they were safe to ride. She mentioned checking brakes worked OK and helmets fitting correctly obviously but also mentioned things like saddle at correct height and tyres not damaged and fully pumped. This got me thinking about all the little things we forget about! I say little but really they are quite important checks that we should check as standard when you consider the position cycling puts in you and all the dangers and hazards that can be involved!

So here is a quick lowdown on a safety checklist for your bicycle....

  • Correctly fitted helmet
  • Correct bike size for rider
  • Frame not cracked, bent or severely damaged
  • Tyres fully pumped and not bald or damaged
  • Brakes working properly and positioned correctly and not rubbing tyres
  • No cables fraying
  • Wheels freely spin and securely fitted
  • Reflectors fitted correctly front and back
  • Handlebars secure and not loose
  • Pedals securely attached and spin freely
  • Saddle correct height
  • Chain well oiled
  • Gears working okay
  • Mudguards fitted correctly and not obstructing
  • Bell working correctly

So do you do these checks? How often do you if at all?


  1. Thankfully Daddy looks after the bikes in our house, he is pretty good at making sure they are safe and ready for us to use x

  2. Sadly my girls have never really loved cycling so we don't do a lot of this! Good list for important checks though...

  3. we never check ours, i really ought to go and check them over! eek

  4. Fab checklist. We did this with the boys before starting school. It is something that we regularly check as they use them a lot

  5. Great checklist - we love cycling but probably don't do the checks often enough x

  6. I didn't realise they still did this, that's good to know. Although this post has reminded me we need to get my son's bike seen to, it's a bit weather battered and the brakes aren't working. Eep!

  7. That's great to know cycling proficiency still exists, I wasn't sure - I did mine a very very long time ago LOL! Great checklist, must remember some of these for when POD is bigger :)

  8. My husband looks after their bikes but it's great to have a checklist in one place for future reference.

  9. A very comprehensive list.

    Thankfully this is a Daddy job in our house as I've no idea

  10. What a great check list - I haven't ridden my bike in years! x

  11. I haven't used my bike for over two years so it is in desperate need of a safety check

  12. This is a great checklist. My son is pretty handy with his own bike, thankfully as I haven't a clue!

  13. This is a handy checklist, thank you. We don't cycle much as the roads around us are narrow and windy.

  14. So handy to have a checklist, it is such an effort getting everyone ready for a bike ride that checking the bikes is often low priority.

  15. I really want my children to start cycling and feel bad that they haven't yet - great checklist.

  16. My eldest is looking forward to doing this in the Easter term (I think). one thing I'd add to your list is to make sure lights and reflectors are clean. SO many are covered in mud so they don't work properly.