Friday, 18 September 2015

Baby Sensory

Lexie and I are attending to a baby group course which is called Love, Learn and Explore. It is run by the local children's centre and is aimed at supporting parents in making the most of their children's learning in a relaxed fun way, inspiring early language and communication as well as looking at the importance of tummy time and sensory play 
What is baby sensory?
Baby sensory is a range of activities that promote baby learning and development through the 6 senses we have which are touch, hearing, movement, sight, taste and smell.

Last week we focused on reading with baby which was focusing on sight, hearing and touch senses using lots of touchy feely books to interact. Lexie liked feeling the different textures as well as eating the book! Usborne Books sell a great book range of touchy feely books called 'That's not my...', we have a few of these and Lexie really enjoys looking at them and it helps bonding too.
In today's group we made our own sensory toys containing a variety of different sensory items.
For ours we used....
  • a plastic container
  • glitter
  • rice
  • pasta
  • feathers
  • cello tape
We added all our items to the container and sealed the container shut with cello tape. It was such a simple and easy toy to make and Lexie loved it shaking it and looking at the glitter (and eating the container!)

Other people added water and food colouring to make there sensory toys more visually sensory then noisy like our rattle.
We also played peek a boo games with see through scarves which all the babies loved. Lexie loved the feeling of the material on her face and playing the game made her laugh lots, it helped her concentration and worked on her sight, touch, hearing senses and also movement because she started taking the scarf away herself assisting her coordination and improving her motor skills too. 

We made a swing out of a piece of Lycra material which the babies loved. Because the material is stretchy they loved bouncing, rocking and swinging.

We also laid on the floor and used a starry material over the top whilst singing 'Twinkle Twinkle little star' this made everyone so relaxed and all the babies went very quiet. They really were fixated by the material.
Lexie loves singing which is why we have enrolled in Musical Mini's which is a music class for babies. We attended our first lesson this week and thoroughly enjoyed it. 
I have purchased some bubbles and plan to make to different types of play dough which I think will aid us in our own sensory play at home.


  1. Aw that looks like such fun - she looks like she had a blast x

  2. Aw. We're past the baby sensory stage now but it's such a great idea for stimulating little ones.

  3. Aww it looks like you are having such fun! x

  4. This brings back happy memories! My daughter used to love playing with coloured chiffon scarves (I used to pick them up at charity shops) and we made a sensory treasure basket for her too.

  5. This looks great fun, and I know that baby sensory is great for babies, so it's useful too. Love those pics with the scarf especially.

  6. Such cute photos - they'll be lovely to look back on when she's older!

  7. That looks like fun! I used to take my little girl to a sensory class when she was younger which looks very similar and she loved it! x

  8. Awww it sounds like you had a lovely time, I wish there had been things like this when mine were little x

  9. That looks like great fun, I can't take photos when we are doing activities in childrens centre which is a shame x

    1. I took mine after the course had finished we aren't allowed photos either x

  10. This looks wonderful - it sound like you both had a great time.

  11. How wonderful. It is so sad that lots of children centers are closing due to lack of funding. I used to go with my boys when they were younger

  12. How lovely, I loved doing that kind of stuff!

  13. Sebby used to love his baby sensory classes :0)

  14. Oh what brilliant fun! POD used to enjoy baby sensory when she was a baby, such a great way to introduce them to different things. Lovely photos :)

  15. oh bless her she looks like she's having so much fun :)

  16. Aw looks like you had a great time.
    I have made bottles filled with water and lots of glitter, they are great to look at when shaken and watching it all settle if quite relaxing if I do say so myself.

  17. Awwwh she is a cutie , I love her smile