Wednesday, 30 September 2015

My bucket list before 40

As I approach 40 (yes I know I'm only 32!!) I've decided to do a bucket list of things I want to do before i hit my naughty forties!! 

There are obviously LOADS of things I would love to do but I've been sensible and kept it realistic and achievable so here goes....

My Bucket List as of September 2015

  • See Ellie Goulding in concert - booked for March 2016
  • Attend a book signing
  • Fly a plane/glider 
  • Go and see a comedy show
  • Have cooking lessons (I love the look of this one
  • Go on a safari
  • Adopt an elephant
  • Visit Scotland
  • Go skiing

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

The Wonder Weeks

Since Lexie was born I've used The Wonder Weeks App and found it scarily accurate with her development leaps.
According to their website, "The Wonder Weeks app is based on 35 years of research and the international best-seller The Wonder Weeks by Hetty van de Rijt Ph.D. and Frans Plooij Ph.D. This app is only a short summary of the leaps. In the book, you can read how to deal with the wonder weeks in the best way, how to help your baby be less fussy, and how to get the most out of all leaps. The book is advised and endorsed by the best GP’s and experts in child development all around the globe". 

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Musical Mini's Music Class

We had a free taster session at a local music group called Musical Mini's last week.
Here is a bit about Musical Mini's taken from their website....
Musical Minis are a pre-school fun time music group that offer your child the chance to be involved in developmental activities.
Each structured session encourages cognitive, physical and emotional development through the use of music, instruments and stories.
The classes for toddlers and babies were developed by child professionals. Its founders have a background in child psychology and nursery education.
The classes are designed with your child’s development in mind. The music is professionally recorded at a pace suitable for young children.
The groups can help your child be a skilful communicator by developing language and co-ordination, be emotionally developed through sharing stories and songs whilst meeting new friends and be confident by joining in the activities in a relaxed group atmosphere and be creative by letting the children explore the instruments, sounds, rhythm and movement.

I chose a smaller class for us to go to, with Lexie being so little still I didn't want it too busy and overbearing for her. There were 4 other families at the class in addition to my friend and her little girl who came with us to the taster session. The lady running it did mention there were a few families away on holiday this week. Lexie and my friends little girl were the youngest there, there was also a crawler and 3 older toddlers so quite a variety! I think the group was for up to 2yr olds so a nice age range.
As expected for a music class there was lots of musical instruments and singing and dancing done which Lexie loved. Music seems to make her so happy, she doesn't stop smiling! The lady running the session was lovely and absolutely fantastic with the children, Lexie was totally fixated on her! They also did stories with puppets and really got the children involved in the story and interacting.
I think Lexie will benefit so much from the class so we have signed up for the term! The sessions work out at £4.75 for a 45 minute class and you sign up termly.
I wasn't aware of anything like this local to us when I had the older 2 girls and Riley hated loud noises so I couldn't take him to groups like this, I'm definitely going to make the most of this with Lexie! Music is so beneficial, just listening to a song can change and uplift my mood. Lexie loves me singing to her too which surprises me as I really cannot sing!!!

You never know I may have the next Beethoven or Whitney Houston on my hands if I'm lucky!!

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Bike Safety Check

Keira has recently started her cycling proficiency course at school. This is probably the only reason she was looking forward to going back to school and starting Year 6 after the summer holidays!!

On the first week she came home and said that they stayed on the school playground and did checks on their bikes to make sure they were safe to ride. She mentioned checking brakes worked OK and helmets fitting correctly obviously but also mentioned things like saddle at correct height and tyres not damaged and fully pumped. This got me thinking about all the little things we forget about! I say little but really they are quite important checks that we should check as standard when you consider the position cycling puts in you and all the dangers and hazards that can be involved!

Friday, 18 September 2015

Experimenting with dough

I am doing a sensory course with Lexie and decided to experiment with play dough so the other kids can get involved too.
How do you make play dough?
You can cook in a saucepan or a microwave......
You will need...
  • 2 cups of flour
  • 1 cup salt
  • 2 cups of water and colouring
  • 2 tablespoons of oil
  • 2 tablespoons of cream of tartar

Baby Sensory

Lexie and I are attending to a baby group course which is called Love, Learn and Explore. It is run by the local children's centre and is aimed at supporting parents in making the most of their children's learning in a relaxed fun way, inspiring early language and communication as well as looking at the importance of tummy time and sensory play 
What is baby sensory?
Baby sensory is a range of activities that promote baby learning and development through the 6 senses we have which are touch, hearing, movement, sight, taste and smell.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Ellie's 13th birthday Pop Story party

Ellie has a pop story party for her birthday this year where she and 10 of her friends recorded a song of her choice in a proper recording studio! 

Monday, 14 September 2015

We have a teenager!

At exactly 10.11am 13 years ago I became a mother for the very first time. It has been an amazing 13yrs and I can now say I'm a proud owner of a teenager!

Thankfully over night we had no miraculous change into Kevin (and Perry) moment!!

Ellie had her 'Pop Party' on Saturday with her friends and it was so much fun. They recorded a version of Flashlight by Jessie J and did fantastic, Ellie did some solo parts as she was birthday girl!

Friday, 11 September 2015

Ashes into Glass

When we lost my mum, my dad decided that he would like to keep her ashes at home with the idea that when he died we would scatter their ashes together. 

Whilst at the funeral directors organising mums funeral we saw a leaflet on a company called Ashes into Glass. They create jewellery out of glass incorporating a loved ones ashes. 

Thursday, 10 September 2015

How I manage Christmas financially

As you can imagine with 4 children Christmas is an expensive time for me, add to it that 3 of my children have birthdays in December and January. Super bad planning on my part!

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

My Top Photos on Facebook

I came across a great app on Facebook which shows you your top photos on Facebook so I thought I'd share mine with you all.

These are since 2012 because I created a new profile as I couldn't change my name after we married.

10. My bunch of nutters 

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Baby Moments App

Baby Moments is a fun and creative photo app to share your baby’s development in the 1st year.

Friday, 4 September 2015

Back 2 School 2015/16

Well all seems to be going well, I have 3 happy children!


I've been thinking about handbags!! If you are anything like me you probably use something that resembles a handbag, but contains what should be the contents of a changing bag crossed with a rubbish bin!!
What do you have in your handbag and what are essential handbag must haves?

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Hello September, Goodbye August!

This year is flying by! Soon all the shops will be filled with Christmas and before we know it we will be seeing the new year in! I'm sure time passes by faster the older you get! 

Monthly Bucket List - August and September 2015

Here was my bucket list for August - how did I do?!!