Friday, 14 August 2015

St Nicholas Park, Warwick

This week it came up on my Timetop that it has been 2 years since we last visited St Nicholas Park in Warwick. I can't believe its been that long, where does the time go!

We have such an amazing day that I thought i'd tell you all about the park as its definitely worth a visit. A brill day out for the whole family

There is a Fun Park that operates on a token basis, these are 80p each or 11 for £8, I think you can also purchase bigger amounts too. The park consists of rides and amusements for all ages. All the rides bar a few are a token per person per ride so not bad at all compared to your average fair nowadays!!

They is also a lovely mini golf course which we had so much fun playing! Theres 18 holes and it cost around £4 per adult and £3 per child so again not expensive at all. There is the option of a cheaper 9 hole course too which is good for the younger children.

There is a cafĂ©/tea shop that serves hot and cold food and this looks out onto the outdoor pool and play area. The pool is a shallow splashzone type area so ideal for children of all ages. The play area is a park suitable again for most ages up to 12 I would say.

Right past the play area at the bottom of the park is the river where you can hire boats and pedaloes. We hired a swan boat for 30 minutes for about £12 I think, the scenary is amazing with Warwick Castle in the background

The day we went there was also donkey rides on the grassy area but I think that a weekly or monthly thing rather than every day

The park is free, you just have to pay to park which ranges from £1.40 for an hour up to £4 for over 6 hours

All in all a great family day out without breaking the bank! I would definitely recommend a visit if you are passing or local to Warwick

Here are a few photos from our day there....
Keira playing mini golf!

My sister showing off her golfing skills!
The swan pedalo we hired

Selfie on the pedalo

Warwich Castle in the background

The kids enjoying a ride in the fun park

Some amusements at the Fun Park

Another ride!

These were so much fun!

Donkey rides
The Freerange Family


  1. We love it there, it will always stay in my memory as the first time Monkey ever had an ice cream. Looks like you had fun

    1. We had so much fun, definitely need to try and go back before school starts again!

  2. That looks like a great place to visit - somewhere my two would love by the sounds of it x

  3. Looks like a great place for a fun day out!

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  5. Oh it sounds like a great day out - next time we are down there we will be sure to visit x

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  7. What a great place to visit and I love that the prices of the rides are really reasonable.

  8. I had no idea there was so much to do, having been past it so many times x

  9. This looks like a great place and I hadn't heard of it before. Making a note as I think my son would like it there. Great as it is right near the castle too :)

  10. This looks like a fab day out! I too will be making a note of this for is we are ever over that way!

  11. Oh what a fun fab day out. I must remember this if we are ever in the area

  12. It's amazing how quickly time flies isn't it! Looks like a great family day out!

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  14. That looks like a fabulous place to visit

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  16. That looks like a great day out.

  17. That sounds like a great place! I have made a mental note to visit. Great post!

  18. What a great place for a day out! xx

  19. looks like a fantastic day, it would be nice t have the weather on our side though its not been so kind lately