Friday, 21 August 2015

Our Honeymoon travelling around Florida, USA

This year will be our 3rd wedding anniversary. 3 whole years of marriage already I can't believe it! The run up to the wedding was so exciting, I loved organising it, I organised everything myself, the hubby just knew the date, time and venue lol, I even chose his suit with him! Our version of 'don't tell the bride' haha!
Our wedding day

The day went by in a flash exactly like everyone said it would, so quickly but we took time out together throughout the day to reflect which I'm glad about. It really was a perfect day with our family and friends.
We got married on Saturday 10th November 2012 (10/11/12) and went on honeymoon a week later.

I find it amazing that some people can go straight on honeymoon after they get married, I needed a week rest to get over the wedding lol! 

The reason we went a week after was because of a certain football match that the hubby couldn't miss! Arsenal played Spurs!!! Looking back now it worked out for the best but prior to the wedding I was quite miffed about delaying my honeymoon for a footy match to be honest but was so busy with the wedding I had bigger things to worry/stress about!

Anyway back to our honeymoon... We went to Florida and travelled around for just over 3 weeks and it was amazing! We took Riley with us and the girls went to their dads, it was the longest I have ever been away from them.

We visited Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, The Keys, Miami again, Sanibel Island, Sarasota, Tampa and then back to Orlando before coming home again. 

It was a lot of driving, we did work out the mileage we did but i can't remember it now. It  was so worth it though as it really was a holiday in a lifetime.

We arrived in Orlando and picked up our hire car and drove to our hotel, Wyndham Orlando Resort which was located on International Drive or I drive as its also known. We went straight to bed as even though local time was around 7/8pm in UK time it would have been midnight/1am so we were proper knackered!
We stayed in Orlando for a few nights an visited Ripley's Believe it or not which was located next door to our hotel, went to Animal Kingdom, Gatorland and also did a helicopter flight over I drive which was amazing!

 Ripleys in Orlando
   Disney's Animal Kingdom
 Helicopter Flight over I-Drive

After Orlando, we drove down the east coast of Florida to Fort Lauderdale, where we stayed at the Sheraton Beach Hotel which is now called B Ocean Fort Lauderdale. The beach in Fort Lauderdale is gorgeous pure white sand and the hotel was beautiful and shaped like a boat! We stayed for a few nights and went on a lovely boat day trip where we saw alligator wrestling which was scary to watch! What nutter would wrestle with an alligator for fun?!
 Fort Lauderdale Beach
 Our boat trip
 The alligator wrestler!

Next we carried on down to Miami where we stayed at The Congress Hotel on Miami Beach, the hotel had a roof top pool and was amazing! We had to visit Miami Ink obviously but unfortunately it wasn't open when we went which I was gutted about as I love Chris Nunez, phwoar!
 Miami Ink shop
 Rooftop Pool
The Congress Hotel in Miami
After Miami we travelled down The Florida Keys, all 130 ish miles to our Key West hotel, The Fairfield Inn. The drive was out of this world, just amazing! Just miles of nothing but sea and seeing the other Keys like Key Largo and other small places on the way. In Key West we visited the aquarium and The Southernmost point of USA. The Keys are great for water sports lovers with loads to offers.
 The Florida Keys
 Key West Beach
 Southernmost Point in USA
 Key West Aquarium
 More of the Keys on the way back up!

We stayed one more night in Miami after our drive back up The Keys before driving across The Everglades which like The Keys was a great experience, just miles of nothing (but grass and lots of alligators!!) and little towns alone the way.
We arrived at Sanibel Island and checked into our hotel called Sundial Resort. The hotel was so quiet, we had the swimming pool and beach to ourselves most days. Sanibel is very quiet with not much to do really, especially out of season which is when we went. There was a lighthouse which we visited and the beach was gorgeous
 Sanibel Island
 Sanibel Lighthouse
Next we continue up the West coast of Florida to Sarasota where we stayed at The Holiday Inn.
Sarasota had lovely shops and a beautiful  Mote Aquarium where we saw dolphins, sea lions and manatees. Such fascinating animals. We also visited The Big Cat Habitat Sanctuary which I think was the highlight of the whole honeymoon, I loved every minute of visiting the park and didn't want to leave. Ive never been so close to a Liger (an animal that has a lion as a mum and tiger as a dad or vice versa I'm not sure which) or a black bear, I even fed one myself!! Totally amazing!
 Our hotel in Sarasota
 Sarasota beach
 Mote Aquarium
 The Big Cat Habitat Sanctuary

After Sarasota we headed up to Tampa checked into the Intercontinental hotel which was opposite an amazing Mall! We did lots of retail therapy and saw the Tampa Bay Buccaneers stadium and also visited Tampa Zoo which was a great day out.

Tampa Buccaneers Stadium
Tampa Zoo

After Tampa we headed back to Orlando visiting Dinosaur World on the way. Riley loved it here as he was obsessed with them at this time. It wasn't busy or too big and it helped break down the drive between Tampa and Orlando.

Back in Orlando we did Downtown Disney and went up in the balloon over Lake Disney which finished our amazing holiday off just nicely before our flight home the next day :)

We had the best honeymoon ever!

Have you been to Florida before? We love Florida and plan on going for a 3rd time once Lexie gets a bit older, where about a would you recommend we visit? We have also been to the Daytona area before.

Sarasota was definitely my highlight, there was loads to do so if you are ever visiting Florida try and visit if you can :)

Thanks for reading x


  1. Wow what a honeymoon!! Looks totally amazing. x

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  9. We went to Florida a couple of years ago. We stayed in Orlando and went to all of the Disney parks. The kids' favourite parks were the Disney water parks. My favourite outings were to a lovely old town called Winter Park, as well as the Kennedy Space Center and Boggy Creek Airboat Rides.

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