Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Natural Amber - Baltic Amber Teething Necklace

Lexie is at that awful teething stage! She's been dribbling loads, proper knawing at her little hand bless her and just generally rather grumpy unlike her usual smiley self! Luckily for me (and them I suppose) none of my other children had any problems when their teeth were coming through, they just seemed to appear from nowhere! I've used the normal teething toys you can get including ones you can freeze before use and also tried teething granules but I didn't really see much of a difference to be honest but something that has really helped us is Baltic Amber!

I was a bit sceptical before hand but after being recommended it by several people I was willing to try anything to help Lexie. Her bum was getting sore after a couple of bad nappies and she was marking her little hands from sucking so hard so when Natural Amber were looking for people to give there own honest review I jumped at the chance to review a necklace from their range of products.
So what is Baltic Amber and How does it help a teething baby?
Here is some information taken from Natural Amber'ss website...
What is Baltic amber
The Baltic region is known as the home of amber this is because it has the largest deposits of amber in the world which is known as Baltic amber. This region is believed to have been producing amber for over 40 million years it has been well established that the forest area in the Baltic region has created more than 100,000 tonnes of amber.
So the term Baltic amber is used for any amber from this region and the reason that it is so important that your amber teething necklace is created using Baltic amber is because it has the largest concentration of succinic acid in the amber.
A lot of people are confused by amber thinking that it is a gemstone like Jade. But actually amber is a resin that comes from the forest trees this is why it is so prevalent in the Baltic region and still to this day large chunks of it get washed up on the beaches from the forests on the edge of the seafront.
How does it work
The reason it is so important that your amber contains the highest percentage of succinic acid is because this is released when it is warmed up against your child skin and is believed to help relieve teething pain.
This is why a lot of people get confused by amber teething necklaces and bracelets its not actually chewing on the amber that relieves the pain it is believed that the succinic acid being absorbed through the skin whilst your child is wearing the necklace or bracelet that helps relieve the teething discomfort.

Natural Amber sell 9 different necklaces, 4 choices of bracelets and 4 of anklets. The necklaces range from £13-17.00 each and the bracelet and anklets range from £9-10.00 each. All are sold in a standard size for each product.

Natural Amber follow strict health and safety regulations and state on their website that all their jewellery designed for use with children has a knot tied in between each bead, so that if the necklace or bracelet breaks you do not have a lot of loose beads around your baby. They are also fitted with screw clasps so that it is very difficult for your baby to remove these necklaces and bracelets making them even more safe to use, however the product should be used only with direct supervision of an adult.


They also mention about the EU toy safety regulations EN-71-1 stating necklaces and anklets are not suitable for children under 36 months. So please do not leave your children unattended and do not allow them to chew on the Amber. Please be aware that Amber is not a toy.


A child does not need to put the amber beads around the mouth to get the benefits of wearing the amber necklace or bracelet. All it needs to do is touch the skin.


We received our raw amber necklace through the post a week ago. It arrived well packaged and had a certificate of authenticity included with it. Apparently like most things, its quite easy to be sold fake amber. There is a section of their website on how to spot fake amber.
 The necklace arrived in a little organza bag with certificate of authenticity.
Advice and warning information on the back of the certificate of authenticity.
The necklace measures 14cm in length and is the standard size sold.
A close up of the screw fix clasp
A close up of the raw (unpolished) amber necklace. 
One week on...........
I've found that Lexie isn't so fretful and doesn't seem 'in pain' anymore if that makes sense. When you see babies ramming there fists ravenously into their mouths you can only imagine the pain they must be in :( especially considering its stops them sleeping sometimes and causes them to cry! We've seen none of this since she's been wearing the necklace, its been amazing! Even the dribbling has stopped and she just seems generally a lot happier in herself back to her normal self. The necklace is always under her clothes so there is no worry on her pulling at it. 
I do think there should be different sizes to choose from as a child teethes from baby to toddler so the size needed would vary especially for the bracelet and anklet. Other than that we are super happy with the necklace, I would definitely recommend Baltic Amber for teething, there's nothing to lose trying it but everything to be gained :)
You can visit Natural Amber's website
or find them on Twitter or Facebook

We were given the necklace in return for our own honest views and opinions on the necklace


  1. My daughter doesn't seem too phased by teething thank god, but a few of my friends are using these and swear by them! I think they look really cute on!

    1. They do look very cute and there are different types of amber that vary in colour too I believe

  2. It sounds like a great thing for kids 1 looks like a nice on the girls and 2 may help with the teething side of things.

  3. Good review, I've often considered amber but I didn't really understand what it was. I thought it was some new age crystal thing! I think I may have to buy this.

  4. Good review, I've often considered amber but I didn't really understand what it was. I thought it was some new age crystal thing! I think I may have to buy this.

  5. I have to admit to still being sceptical about this as the research I have seen states that the succinic acid does not dissolve at body temperature and so could not be absorbed by the skin, and certainly not in enough quantity to have any painkilling effect.
    That said, if a parent believes something may help their baby, especially with something as miserable as teething, then I totally understand the ' I'll try anything' approach, and, as people have said in the comments, some feel it really does help.
    I am very glad you mentioned the safety recommendation regarding age as I have seen them on very young babies, and I have also seen some very unsafe beads.
    At least I can now suggest this safe version if anyone asks for a recommendation,
    Thanks for such a thorough review :-)
    Sarah x

  6. Glad you found it a helpful addition and it eased the pain. My youngest suffers with his teeth and I always meant to try Amber but I never got round to ordering. A good review of the product.