Monday, 3 August 2015

Me and Mine - July 2015

dear beautiful
I came across this amazing linky from dear beautiful and thought what an amazing idea and keepsake it would be. I wish I'd come across this earlier but at least I have and can start from now.

So here is Me and Mine for July.... (a little late I know!)

This month Mum loves
  • her new planner
  • the fact the building work on the extension has actually started!
  • donuts and biscuits

This month Dad loves
  • his new heifer's and bull
  • his new truck
  • his new tractor

This month Ellie loves
  • the fact she got into the cheerleading squad
  • no school
  • doing handstands

This month Keira loves
  • watching Casualty
  • playing on her pennyboard
  • eating super noodles

This month Riley loves
  • riding his big bike with pedals
  • Skylanders
  • Iced Gems

This month Lexie loves
  • her jumperoo
  • her siblings, they are so funny
  • rolling around the floor

Our recent family picture


  1. haha I loved how dad loves his new tractor!! Great list!

  2. OOh new planner sounds exciting x

  3. I love new planners. My FIL is a farmer, so I understand the tractor love all too well

  4. Ooh, this does sound like a great linky! I'll have to check it out - it might help me keep stock of things I should be positive about and not focus on the negs! x

  5. This sounds like a great linky. Will be lovely to look back on x

  6. I like the idea of this linky as favourite things to do change constantly in our house and easily get forgotten. I like a good planner too. What is a pennyboard?

  7. ooh an extension, I covert an attic conversion.

  8. what a fab post, watching casualty? Brilliant my fave programme

  9. Aww that is lovely - and nice to look back on.

  10. Awwh great list xx I love things like this

  11. A great list - I am with Keira on watching Casualty

  12. Aww lovely photo! I keep meaning to have a professional picture taken of us all! My boys are skylander mad at the moment too! Drives me bonkers!

  13. Oh I love this what a lovely way to keep on top of what you are all loving a well. x

  14. Must be great to see the extension starting to take shape. I love having a new planner.

  15. I like the Me & Mine linky but that is such a nice idea to have a little reminder with it of all the things you are loving right now. Mich x

  16. And what a lovely photo it is too! I must admit I love donuts every month ha x

  17. oh im loving some of the planners ive seen but spending all my cash on baby due seems to have held me back from treating myself

  18. We have extension work to do, but keep putting it off because of the mess involved. How exciting that yours has started.

  19. This does sound like a lovely idea. Be nice to look back and see what has changed and what hasn't over the months.