Monday, 31 August 2015

Me and Mine - August 2015

dear beautiful

Here is Me and Mine for August....

This month Mum loves
  • The Bachelorette
  • Big Brother
  • no school runs

This month Dad loves
  • that harvest is nearly finished
  • his new gunslip
  • Fishing 

This month Ellie loves
  • Ireland
  • cheerleading
  • baking
This month Keira loves
  • Pistachio nuts
  • Hollyoaks
  •  roller skates 
This month Riley loves
  • Lego
  • Space Yogurts
  • Rugbytots 

This month Lexie loves
  •  food
  • her baby walker
  • sitting in a highchair 

Our recent family picture


  1. No school runs. Looks like that's over again now. The clocks go back on Sunday. SIGH.

  2. Love this, will be looking forward to Septembers now :)

  3. What a lovely photo. This is such a nice and easy way of keeping track of each month.
    Alana x

  4. I love this post. What a great idea to do this to keep on top of what everyone likes.

    Great family portrait too.

    Laura x

  5. I think Ellie has excellent taste :-)

  6. Im not looking forward to the clocks going back next month as it means its darker earlier lol. I love this post its so sweet

  7. I love this post, what a great idea :) If I asked my kids they'd probably say, 'I dunno' and shrug their shoulders!

  8. Oh to be back in the days of no school runs. Sad to be back at school.

  9. Lexie loves food - I'm right there with her girl!!

  10. I really should do this as kids likes and dislikes change every month

  11. aw this is a great idea , nice little list

  12. My Farmer in law is so glad that the harvest is over too

  13. I loved the no schools runs!! I miss teh summer holidays already *Sigh* Although I do love September and Autumn, that makes it easier to deal with school runs again, haha. Loved this post! :) xx

  14. What a great idea to record what you like each month, it changes so frequently for the kids.

  15. Baking, pistachio nuts and no school runs for me (though they have started again now and aren't too bad....)

  16. I love these. I've often asked my kids but just get grunted at in response

  17. I love these. I've often asked my kids but just get grunted at in response

  18. Ooh, harvest - good for your other half, and also for the rest of us, with all that scrummy fresh produce on offer!

  19. Lovely, it is such a blessing to get things ticked on a list and that feeling that all is well with the world that comes with it!xx

  20. This is a lovely idea. Likes of each family member in our house changes all the time so it would be great to document them. We loved the no school runs too, shame that we're back to them now though.

  21. Awe, such a cute idea. We go through pistachio fazes in this house. I can almost keep track by how they were used in the girls art work :)