Saturday, 1 August 2015

Bye Bye July, Hello August


This year is going way too fast for my liking! It'll be Christmas before we know it!!

So July saw the end of term with Riley completing his first year at school in Reception, Keira finishing Year 5 and Ellie her first year in Secondary school. We had Riley's first sports day, Lexie hit 6 months, the summer holidays started and I became bankrupt lol, joke obviously but I do find holidays expensive. The kids eat more and days out all add up don't they, however I have read a few good blogs about free or cheap ideas of things to do with the kids so will give some of those a go in August as well as the stuff we already have planned. First one was written by Bloggermumma and the other by Emmy's Mummy, just click on their names to visit the post and see the ideas yourself.

August is a month of no school, some fun few days out, hubbys 40th birthday, chaos from the house extension and lots of playdates, visits to the parks and some ideas from above!

We are hiring a boat for a few hours on Thursday, it was an offer I saw on Groupon,  I'm not really sure what I was thinking when I booked it as its my friend and I and neither of us have ever driven a boat and to add to that we have 7 children with us too! My 4 and her 3, 2 of which are babies that can't crawl! A recipe for disaster if you ask me!! If we all make it back in one piece it'll be a miracle, i'll be sure to update you all haha!

The week after we are off to Bournemouth with the local Children Centre. They have put on 4 coaches. Its a trip we do every year and will be Lexie's first visit to the beach. I think it will be a long day especially for the younger too but we always have such fun that it will be worth it.

Hubby's birthday is on the 23rd, he won't actually be around much as its obviously harvest time so we'll just give him his presents as and when we manage to see him. Its a good job he hates surprise parties etc as they would be impossible to arrange for him. God only know when his parents who are also farmers had him smack bang in the middle of their busiest time of the year, such bad planning!!

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