Sunday, 9 August 2015

BAKER DAYS Cake by Post

Baker Days, a company that sell cakes by post, kindly asked me to review a product from their range, 'The Letterbox Cake' and everyone who knows me knows how much I LOVE cake so it would have been rude to turn it down ;)

I had heard of Baker Days before but never purchased anything from them so I went straight on the website to have a look at their products and choose the cake I wanted. We chose the superman chocolate cake from the superheroes category for hubbys 40th birthday that is later this month.

The whole idea of a cake that can fit through a letter box and arrive in one piece really intrigued me!
Baker days describe it as "The new way to celebrate - petite and personalised cakes delivering perfectly fresh and delicious cake through the letterbox from just £14.99."
It is a 5 inch cake (12cm x 2.5cm), makes 3/4 portions. Delivery is free or if you want next day delivery you can pay extra.
Today my 'letterbox cake' arrived through the letterbox! It came in a box and I didn't for one minute think it was the cake so when I opened the box I was very pleasantly surprised, it was bigger than I expected. It was very well packaged.

I loved the little extras included like the card, candles and balloons that were also in the box, a nice touch!

The cake itself was in a tin which is a great idea and answered my questions about how a cake can possibly get through a letterbox without getting damaged let alone being sent through the post full stop! The tin also had air holes which I thought was good. The cake itself was inside a plastic type bag (I can't think of how to describe it!) and was very secure within the tin.

Inside were instructions on how to get the cake out of the tin, these were clear and easy to follow. All ingredients and best before information were on the bottom of the cake. I was pleasantly surprised at the 14 day best before date though cakes rarely last 14 hours let alone 14 days in our house!

Also included in the box was a leaflet showing other cake products Baker Days do which include 3 bigger sized cakes (serving between 10 and 55!), 6 different flavours to choose from and also cupcakes in portions of 12. They sell helium balloons (you  get one free with every large cake purchased), candles and banners.

All the cakes can be personalised with text and/or photo and there's a choice of over 500 design's or you can design your own. There really is something for everyone! They do birthday, anniversary, christening, holy communion, driving test cakes, the list is endless. You can see the full list here.

It didn't take long before we decided we couldn't wait until hubbys birthday so ended up eating the lot oops! All 5 of us managed a decent sized slice each.
We have now placed an order for 12 cupcakes with 40th birthday on them and Batman design to arrive nearer the day!

Here are what the kids thought of the cake....

"The cake was a lovely chocolatey flavour but not too chocolately with a nice amount of icing"

" The cake looked very tempting and the texture was very moist with a good design on top"

"It was super yummy"


The cake was lovely and all of us could have eaten more! I would recommend the cake to anyone so much so that you can see we've already ordered more!

I think the idea of cake by post is great especially if you don't live near the lucky recipient. They will definitely not be disappointed. It's such a unique idea, just fabulous!

I (Hubby!) can't wait for the cupcakes to arrive as I'm sure they will be just as yummy and not last long at all! We've ordered half vanilla and half chocolate this time.

You can see more from Baker Days via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram or by visiting their website 

Baker Days sent me the cake in return for an honest review of the cake. All opinions and views are my own. 


  1. I think they are so brave sending cake by post but they've certainly found a method that works. It does look scrummy!

  2. I love the idea of a cake that comes through the letterbox!

  3. I have a few birthdays coming up and I can not bake to save my life so this would be perfect for me! Im not a big fan of supermarket cakes, but these loo awesome and the fact they come to you is ace!

  4. They are such good cakes and you can't get a better delivery than a cake in the post x

  5. What a fab idea for giving a cake by post.

  6. These seem like a lovely little way to say I am thinking of you! Love that it goes through the letterbox as well x

  7. I have ordered from them before and I have to applaud them for exceptional service

  8. I've heard of cakes in the post before and wondered how they did it. The cake looks delicious.

  9. What a great idea - this would make a perfect gift!

  10. Cute idea for a surprise gift. Love the packaging, looks really well put together.

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