Thursday, 2 July 2015

Water Babies swimming update

We are 6 weeks into our first 10 week term with Water Babies and I am just so happy with the course and progress Lexie is making. 

It's amazing to see not just Lexie but all the babies progressing each week. Today Lexie did 3 underwater swims and for the first time went solo! Ok so all I did was release my hold on her but boy was this a huge thing for me to do, totally against my motherly instinct!! Lexie was not phased at all and came to the surface of the water herself! 

I think I have mentioned previously but she now recognises the cue words and knows when she is going underwater so will hold her breathe! Totally amazing!! 

I could praise Water babies all day long, I know the course is expensive but it is so worth it and I'm so looking forward to continuing our swimming journey next term with them! 

We have also learnt about holding on to the side of the pool this week, it's a safety lesson for Lexie and in the long term will teach her to be able to save herself by holding on at the side of the pool! Very clever, they all learn so quickly at this age, absorbing all the information like a sponge! 

Not long until the underwater photo shoot, I will share the picture once we have done it :) sooooo exciting!!

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