Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Update on our building work

It's day 3 of the building work we are having done and they have just finished for the day! 

DAY 1 They took down the roof and windows of the conservatory. It was actually quite scary how quick they did this! I'm surprised it wasn't blown down by the wind we can get lol!!

DAY 2 Next they got rid of the brickwork which was the bottom half of the conservatory....

Today, DAY 3 they arrived at 8.15 this morning and started with hydraulic drills to get the flooring tiles and a thick layer of concrete up! Sorry neighbours!!! Can't have been too bad though as Lexie napped all the way through the noise!!

I think they have done loads in just 3 days! Surely it's not going to take another 10ish weeks to do a single storey extension??!!! Or is that just wishful thinking!!!

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