Friday, 3 July 2015


Ellie will be 13 soon and boy don't we know it! I know I've been that age and so should sympathise with her but I'm pretty sure I wasn't this sulky and moody lol! 

Her hormones are through the roof and I'm sure she's not far off starting her period but it just seems overnight she has changed from my mini best friend to a moody little argumentative git I don't recognise anymore! 

It's only been a few days but I already miss our chatting and jokes! She is currently in day 3 of her strop which started all because I said she couldn't go shopping with her friend. Don't get me wrong she goes into our local town with her friends but that is 10min drive tops and she wanted to go to the nearest city as the shops are better. This is a 45min to 1hr bus/car journey away which I am not comfortable with! 

I trust Ellie totally it's other people I don't trust! I know I need to release the reins at some point but I feel this is too soon and I'm thankful that most people (her dad and nan) other than Ellie agree with me! 

I've offered a compromise of taking them and letting them shop on their own then meeting up and coming home together but noooooo this is not cool apparently!

The thing with Ellie is that she goes on and on about things which really annoys me and I'm quite a stubborn person as is she so neither of us gives in!

Ellie needs to realise that in general she is a very lucky girl in what she has and does and this is really the only big thing that I've put my foot down about but I do feel really strongly about it. 

This is only the start of it too and no doubt it will get worse before it gets better! Why did I have 3 girls lol :) arrrgggh!

Any tips or is it just a case of riding it out?

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