Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Summer holiday Planner

Have finished our holiday planner now, I've booked or planned ideas in for 3 days of each week and I'm leaving 2 days just to chill at home and have friends round. Not everything I've planned is an all day thing either so it's not as manic as it looks but enough to keep the kids from being bored! 

Thomley is a centre for children with disabilities and their friend and family. It's such a lovely place to go, there is loads to do and they do theme days and have people come in a teach stuff like football and gymnastics plus there is loads of arts and crafts, a ball activity bit and a sensory room. Riley loves the ball pit! Last year we went Aqua zorbing, that was so good even I had a go! You can see more info on their website www.thomley.org.uk 

The trampoline club we have booked is through a local gymnastics club, it's only an hour but I'm hoping that wears them out, you can do a lot of bouncing in an hour!!

Summer Hub is a club run by the council, they do loads of stuff ranging from multi sports to arts & crafts and fun & games. It's 9 till 3 and costs £13.95 which I didn't think was too bad. 

We are going to Bournemouth with the local children's centre, they put on trips every year and it's only £5 a seat which is a bargain. They had other trips to legoland and, a wildlife park and another one that I can't remember now but they all booked up quickly.

The boat we are hiring is an offer i saw on Groupon for 2hr hire for 10 people £39 so we are doing that with friends, kids don't know yet so it will be a surprise. I love seeing their faces when I surprise them! 

I try and plan stuff and get things booked early so it's not so much money to pay out on the day. It's so expensive especially with 4 children too. Especially when you take food and travel into account!