Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Sports day!

It was my baby boys first sports day today, how can that be?! 

He was so excited and had been practising his running for god knows how long! He told us he was doing the sack race but it turned out he actually did the beanbag on a bat race and came 3rd!

He came 4th in his running race, he was more interested in seeing where his friends were lol! 

Keira did fabulously in her running race too and came 2nd! 

The older children did a range of activities such a long jump and javelin instead of another race. I wasn't feeling well so had to leave halfway through :( I woke up with a headache and the pressure got so bad it made me sick. Feeling slightly better now thank god, it's horrible feeling like crap with children to look after! 

Weather was lovely, hot but not too hot and all the children sat so well in between races. In Fact all the children did really well in all the races too :) well done kiddie winks :)

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