Saturday, 4 July 2015

School Fete

Went to the school fete today, we go every year and I always spend way too much money and come home with loads of stuff I don't need, sometime even my own stuff I had donated!! Oh well it's to raise money for the school so I shouldn't moan really!!

The Year 4 children did farmers market themed stalls, they were selling homemade jams and honey or running little petting zoos or charging to hold the guinea pig lol :) 

The had some old vintage tractors on display too which Riley loved!

There was the normal tombola and raffle stalls, a book and toy stall plus face painting/glitter tattoos and bouncy castle. They had a bbq and refreshments and ice creams. 

They had the headmaster and a few other teachers in the stocks and were charging £2 for 3 sponges and a bucket of water! I got the headmaster a gooden!

Riley loved soaking the caretaker too!
There were stalls like lucky dip stalls and fish a duck stalls in a paddling pool, I love those ones :) proper old school :)

They had various performances on throughout, Ellie did her cheerleading and there was a gymnastics club and karate performances too which were good

Ellie and her cheerleading squad did 3 performance at school fetes today. Talk about bad planning by the schools lol, you'd think they'd communicate amongst themselves just so they can get as many visitors as possible!!

Riley had his face painted, he loved it as he is obsessed with angry birds so came home a super happy boy! 

I'm not sure how much money they raised yet but fingers crossed they have raised enough to resurface the adventure playground so they can reopen it over the holidays ready for September.

Weather was really hot again but tonight is cooler which is great as I'm not sleeping well in this heat! In your typical British person, moan if it's too hot and moan of its too cold lol!

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