Friday, 24 July 2015

Our last Water Babies lesson this term

Yesterday was our last swimming lesson this term! We have really enjoyed our first term with Water Babies and can't wait for next term to start in September.

I'm a little sad that not all of the others in our group have signed up to continue next term but I'm not surprised as it is quite expensive though it's definitely worth it as Lexie has learnt loads so far and this will only increase further.

We have our underwater photo shoot on Sunday which I'm so excited about, I can't wait to have a lovely picture of my water baby in action even if it does bankrupt me in the process!!

Through repetive teaching and word association Lexie has learnt to swim underwater both with me and the teacher and also solo with release! She holds her breathe when she hears the cue words that I say before an underwater swim which completely amazed me for such a small baby! Sooo clever!

The whole lessons are fun and full of lots of singing which Lexie loves, even the water safety bits are fun which is good.

All the teaching has been very gradual and she has literally taken to swimming like a duck to water, I'm so proud of her. They haven't thrown us in at the deep end so to speak ;) (see what I did there haha!!)

I have found the course has helped the bonding between Lexie and I. For that half hour it's just the 2 of us interacting with each other and nothing else. 

I will update how our photoshoot goes on Sunday :) but for now here are a few videos of our lessons so far....


  1. What a sweet post! I think it is such a good idea to teach babies to swim early on! It's a real life safer! :)