Tuesday, 28 July 2015

NEW Throwback Blog Carnival starting this week!

Ok so being new to blogging I had no idea what Linkys, Blog Hops and Blog Carnivals were until I read a few 'beginners guides'!! An excellent guide I recommend for other newbie bloggers is from Little Hearts Big Love

I think I finally have my head around it and have decided to try a weekly throwback blog carnival sharing your throwback memories in one place every Monday!

All you need to do to be included is email me with the following information....
  • Your throwback memory which can include a photograph with or without words 
  • Your blog badge or an image of choice which I will use to link people back to your blog
  • Any social media details you wish to include, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
Please send your throwback to me at gezmaca@aol.com by a Friday to be included in the following week carnival which will be published on a Monday :)

Time Hop is a great app for reminding you of those amazing memories you had forgotten about!

Come and share those throwback memories with......



  1. Thank you for the mention - so glad that my post helped clarify the difference between the various types of linkies. Love the sound of your blog carnival - what a great idea. Do I need to write a recent post about a throwback memory to join in or do you accept old posts as part of your carnival? Would love to join in :-)

    1. No thank you Louise, it helped me a lot!
      Your throwback can be anything from an old post to a picture that popped up on your timehop. Would love for you to join x

    2. Fab thank you - will have a look and hopefully get back to you soon! :-)