Saturday, 4 July 2015

New teachers and School reports...end of term

Having a super proud mummy day :) Received Keira and Riley's school reports and they are doing fabulously! I think I've mentioned before that I've had Ellie report a few weeks already.

 As expected with Riley's development delay he is slightly behind in some areas but has progressed so much since starting school and achieved far more than was expected of him so I'm very happy. He struggles with his reading, writing and maths and also singing and dancing. They commented on his excellent imaginative play and understanding of the world which was no surprise to me. He works so much better within a structure activity rather than free flow/play time. 

Keira is a popular member of her class who tries her best in all her work and is over achieving the targets set of her and the average for her age in most areas so that is great! She works well in a team and is a sensible role model who challenges herself. She has made great progress this year and her teacher just mentioned about her taking a more of a leading role within group work next year.

Ellie is in top groups for science and English  and is doing very well in RE, computer science, English and Maths. and got all 1 and 2 grades (out of 4) in every subject. She struggles abit with PE, history and technology especially if it's doing something she doesn't really enjoy doing or interest her like electronics, football or history etc but she is getting better! All her teachers commented on what a pleasure she is to teach and how she always works to her full potential and completes all work set of her. She a popular confident enthusiastic pupil with a positive attitude! They did suggest she participate in more extra curricular activities within the PE department. I can see why she doesn't as she is quite sporty out of school with gymnastics and cheerleading so probably doesn't want to give up anymore of her spare time lol! They also mentioned about her taking on more leading roles within group work and use more descriptive language to develop her ideas more.

All in all 3 fantastic reports :)

We also found out Riley and Keira's teachers for next year as they have their transition afternoon on Tuesday. Riley has 2 part time teachers which I'm not very happy about mainly because in my experience (Ellie had a teacher share in year 4) it did not work at all as they did not know if they were coming or going! Ok so it was not planned as her teacher became ill so left suddenly so I am hoping there will be more planning and routine for Riley's year 1! 

Keira has a new teacher who is starting at the school in September. She has 2 children at the school so I know of her and she seems nice so quite happy about this. 

I haven't heard anything about Ellie's teaching changing next year so I'm assuming they will stay the same.

I can't believe Keira will be in year 6 in September then only a year away from secondary! I think we will have to apply for her school place in October to hear in March whether she gets accepted. I'm  hoping with the fact Ellie already goes to the secondary school we want that there won't be a problem getting her a place as its not our catchment area school.

I'm a little nervous about Riley moving up a year, I hope he settles ok and builds a rapport with his teachers and that they understand and get to know him and his little ways quickly and the transition runs smoothly. I think I need to give him more credit where it's due really as he has exceeded expectations so far but I still worry, that's what us mums do though isn't it.

I've planned quite a bit over the summer hols but still planned in a few rest days each week so as not to overdo it! 

2wks left of school, can't believe it, where did that year go?!!!

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