Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Lexie's 6 month update

Lexie is 6 months old! How the heck did that happen??!!
She is just so adorable and happy and has the brightest blue eyes ever. Everyone that meets her mentions her eyes, I really hope they stay blue as I have a greeny grey colour and hubby has brown. The only person who had blue eyes was mum 💗

This week she has started rolling front to back so she can now roll everywhere! She can sit in her play ring for a few minutes and will sit between my legs but is still quite wobbly!

She loves her jumperoo which is by far the best invention ever lol!!

She giggles ALOT especially at her siblings and she loves looking at the fish in the fishtank.

Her coordination is getting better and she will hold things for a little while before accidentally launching it across the room!!
She loves looking at herself in the mirror, i'm not sure if she knows its her or if she thinks its another baby as she also loves other babies

She is still so strong on her legs and would prefer to stand with help then sit! This morning so managed to move across the room on her belly and I caught the last bit on camera... uh oh

Lexie is still just about fitting in 3-6mths but sleep suits I thinks it's definitely time for the 6-9mths clothes to come out. Leggings are also a little snug!

We still haven't established solids every day still, some days she will have some and some days not, she definitely prefers fruity puree rather than savoury! She is drinking 5/6 bottles of about 5-6oz of hungrier milk at (4/5am if she wakes), 6-7am, 9.30-10am, 12.30-1pm, 4pm then 6-6.30pm

She is finally regularly sleeping through from 6.30-7pm until 4-5am when she'll have a bottle and go back down until 6-7am. sometime she will sleep until 6 and then that's her up for the day until her first nap. She generally stays awake for about 2hrs before needing another nap so has between 3/4 naps a day ranging between 30mins and 2hrs.


  1. Awww she's gorgeous! They grow up so quickly though don't they? Enjoy every minute :-) #weekendbloghop

    1. I know Janet it's scary! Lexie is my last baby and I just want to cherish these last baby firsts so much!

  2. She is so cute! Those eyes and eyelashes are gorgeous :)
    Aria is a month behind Lexi so it is good to read what I have to come!

    1. Thanks Leanne. I really love this age. Aria is such a beautiful name x

  3. She is beautiful, I love the feeding photo I remember those days so well x

    1. Thanks Sam, she's a nightmare blowing raspberries when feeding. We both get covered!!x