Monday, 13 July 2015

Last week of school!

So 5 more days left at school then 6wks off!

Ellie went on a trip to Thorpe Park with school today, she loved it. I think she has been bitten by the theme park bug now! 

Keira came home from school with a few certificates for points she had earnt over the year and said they had been stripping the classroom down so will be bringing home all the work and books in next few days. 

I really can't get my head around the fact she will be in secondary school next year!! Come September she'll be starting year 6 and we'll have to apply for the school we want and do the open days etc! Can't believe how fast the last year has gone! Riley will be in year 1! Lexie will be starting school before I know it!!

I don't think they are really doing much this week at school to be honest, I think it's quite a chilled out fun week and I know on the last day they play games. They aren't finishing early though.

Lexie and I don't have a particularly busy week either, a few play dates, swimming and that's about it. I should enjoy the peace and quiet whilst it lasts shouldn't I?!! Lol

We have a start date for the house extension now.... 2 weeks!! So I really need to get my arse in gear and start boxing stuff and moving it and taking stuff to the tip! It's hard work with a baby though, constantly stopping and starting!! Bloody great timing though isn't it?!! Just as the summer holidays start grr!! We are in for 6 looong weeks! It'll be worth it when it's done though :) I keep telling myself that!! 

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