Friday, 17 July 2015

Last day at school

Yay have done my last morning school run for 6 weeks!! It's a nightmare getting up and out the house by 8.15am with 4 kids!!

They all took presents for their teachers and Teaching Assistants this morning, I try not to go overboard with the spending and also I tend to not go for the flowers or chocolate options as the teachers tend to get lots of them! This year I got a nice personalised card each from Funky Pigeon and wrote some nice words inside and for the teachers I got them a little personalised wooden hanging ornament and wooden ruler with their names on (saying you rule!) each costing a few quid each from eBay.

I can't believe Riley has been at school a whole year already! Both Keira and Riley have had lovely teachers this year, both were new to the school, I think both me and the kids will really miss them!

Not a lot is changing for Ellie next year teacher wise, she's staying in the same form group and having the same form tutor, her teaching group may change but she won't know that until September.

Yesterday the school had it annual tug of wars between the classes in each year, Keira's class won and Riley's class don't do it yet. They also had a huge water fight between the children and all the teachers! 

One last school pick up to do then it's bring on 6 weeks of fun and mayhem plus huge food bills and no money lol ;) 


Last school run done!!!
Keira received a lovely key ring from her teacher, such a lovely keepsake!

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