Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Friends and friendships

This is a very random post but I was just thinking about my friends and the different friendships I have with people.

Don't you just love it when you meet someone and you just click! I don't think it happens that often either. You can talk for hours as though you have known each other for years and there are no awkward silences. You have so much in common it surprises you that you have never met before now. I think this is where fate plays a part, you were meant to meet at this certain time and not before.

I think a sign of true friendship is going for long periods of time without seeing each other and then when you next talk it's like it's was just yesterday you last spoke. They say in life you only have 5 true friends, it's true that friends do come and go as life changes, people change and grow apart. Friends are the family you choose, I think this is sooo true! You know a true friend would be there for you no matter what and vice versa.

I often think about whether I would like myself if I wasn't me if that makes sense lol, I think I would annoy myself but I wouldn't dislike me as I'm not malicious. I suppose this is where I point out my bad points lol, I can talk over people, I talk before the other person has finished, I'm sure I annoy a few people doing it!! I am aware of it so I'm getting better with it😬

I have a few groups of friends, I have my online friends who probably know me better than most, I have my friends I 'talk/text /see' most days and I have friends I catch up with regularly, maybe once a week and then I have friends that I say hello too and chat when and if I see them. 

Do you have friends or acquaintances? How do you differentiate between a friend and an acquaintance. Are all your Facebook 'friends' friends? What makes them a friend over an acquaintance?! Random post!!!!!!!!!

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