Monday, 6 July 2015

Busy week

We have a busy week ahead, I feel tired just thinking about it! 

Monday I am doing a first aid course through the children's centre, they are putting on a crèche for Lexie. It's only 2hrs and cost £5 so that's good. Looking forward to refreshing my knowledge as it's always good thing to be up to date on! 

On Tuesday we have a play date with a friend so that will be nice to catch up over a cuppa and in the afternoon Riley and Keira have their transition afternoon with their new class teachers for next year. Hopefully they both like them and are looking forward to starting their new school years!

On Wednesday I am meeting my sister for lunch which I'm looking forward to as we don't get to catch up that often even though we live local to each other. She works full time and if she's not working she's taxi-ing my nephew around to his football which seems to occupy most of their weekends! Something I have to look forward to lol, so she keeps telling me!

After school on Wednesday I am taking the youngest 2 children to a photo shoot, Riley is having a superhero shoot so we are taking all his dressing up costumes and Lexie is having a fairy shoot so I will take some nice dresses/tutus and hair ands etc. it's all about the background apparently! It's photoshop amazing?!

On Thursday we have sports day at school, it's Riley's first one and I can't wait to see him running, he's very excited! Run Roo run!! Hoping it's not too hot mainly for the children's sake! After lunch we have our swimming lesson which is lovely in this hot weather, so refreshing. Only a few weeks left before the end of term and the photo shoot. 

After school we are going to walk around our village looking at all the scarecrows on show as we have a competition on so we will see them all and judge which we think is the best and put our vote in. People have really gone all out from the ones I've seen so I will upload some pics in a separate post and you can see too. So far I've seen some minions and a few elsa's plus an amazing spongebob!

Friday is a nice quiet day, no plans yet so will probably try and catch up with some washing and housework on general! As if lol ;)

Have a good week all x

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