Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Update on our building work

It's day 3 of the building work we are having done and they have just finished for the day! 

DAY 1 They took down the roof and windows of the conservatory. It was actually quite scary how quick they did this! I'm surprised it wasn't blown down by the wind we can get lol!!

Daily Offers Post - 29th July

Sorry I have been really slack on these recently, lots going on at home but I promise I will keep on top of them now :)

Click the images to take you to the websites

Pumpkin Patch

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

NEW Throwback Blog Carnival starting this week!

Ok so being new to blogging I had no idea what Linkys, Blog Hops and Blog Carnivals were until I read a few 'beginners guides'!! An excellent guide I recommend for other newbie bloggers is from Little Hearts Big Love

I think I finally have my head around it and have decided to try a weekly throwback blog carnival sharing your throwback memories in one place every Monday!

All you need to do to be included is email me with the following information....
  • Your throwback memory which can include a photograph with or without words 
  • Your blog badge or an image of choice which I will use to link people back to your blog
  • Any social media details you wish to include, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
Please send your throwback to me at by a Friday to be included in the following week carnival which will be published on a Monday :)

Time Hop is a great app for reminding you of those amazing memories you had forgotten about!

Come and share those throwback memories with......

Lexie's 6 month update

Lexie is 6 months old! How the heck did that happen??!!
She is just so adorable and happy and has the brightest blue eyes ever. Everyone that meets her mentions her eyes, I really hope they stay blue as I have a greeny grey colour and hubby has brown. The only person who had blue eyes was mum 💗

Monday, 27 July 2015

#TBT Throw Back Thread

I thought a weekly throwback thread would be a lovely idea and perhaps maybe it could be an idea for a linky maybe? What do you think?
For now here are a few of my throwbacks from 1 and 2 years ago.... love making memories with my loved ones❤️

A year ago....

The builders have arrived!!!!!!

Ok so where do I start? Back in May the builders were due to start on our extension, well due to their last job over  running and an injury they have finally arrived today! 

We are having a single storey extension in replace of our conservatory and knocking through to the loving room as well as having a wood burner put in instead of the open fire we have and also a porch on the front of the house.

We had about 24hrs to prepare and they arrived late!! 

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Water Babies Underwater Photoshoot

Lexie had her underwater shoot with Water Babies today and she did fantastically! 

The shoot was at a different pool to where we have our lessons but it was in a local town about 30 minutes drive so not too bad. 

Saturday, 25 July 2015

The first week of the summer holidays..

So here we are at the end of the first week of the holidays! 1 down 5 to go!
We've had a fairly quiet week really which I planned so we could just relax after the busy last week at school. We haven't had great weather this week, its been quite overcast, not sunny at all but still quite warm.

Friday, 24 July 2015

Our last Water Babies lesson this term

Yesterday was our last swimming lesson this term! We have really enjoyed our first term with Water Babies and can't wait for next term to start in September.

I'm a little sad that not all of the others in our group have signed up to continue next term but I'm not surprised as it is quite expensive though it's definitely worth it as Lexie has learnt loads so far and this will only increase further.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

The Silent Killer

This post is probably one of the hardest posts I'll ever do... but I have to, I need to and I want to write it to raise awareness of this silent killer.


I love reading but I have to be in the right frame of mind, I have to be in the 'zone' and be on my own with no disruptions which is why I tend to not read as much as I'd like to and only do it in the bath as this is pretty much the only place I get 5 minutes to myself!!

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

A year ago today...

Don't you just love the timehop app! What an amazing app for reminiscing and remembering things that you many have forgotten about and reminding you of those special moments you share with your friends and loved ones.

Mine popped up this morning reminding me that it was a whole year ago that we had our 12 week scan with Lexie and then announced our pregnancy. 

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Baby Ageables

A friend of mine started a business called Baby Ageables selling monthly age and milestone stickers and kindly sent me some as a gift when I was pregnant!

Friday, 17 July 2015

Daily offers post - 17th July


Last day at school

Yay have done my last morning school run for 6 weeks!! It's a nightmare getting up and out the house by 8.15am with 4 kids!!

They all took presents for their teachers and Teaching Assistants this morning, I try not to go overboard with the spending and also I tend to not go for the flowers or chocolate options as the teachers tend to get lots of them! This year I got a nice personalised card each from Funky Pigeon and wrote some nice words inside and for the teachers I got them a little personalised wooden hanging ornament and wooden ruler with their names on (saying you rule!) each costing a few quid each from eBay.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Friends and friendships

This is a very random post but I was just thinking about my friends and the different friendships I have with people.

Don't you just love it when you meet someone and you just click! I don't think it happens that often either. You can talk for hours as though you have known each other for years and there are no awkward silences. You have so much in common it surprises you that you have never met before now. I think this is where fate plays a part, you were meant to meet at this certain time and not before.

Daily offers post - 15th July

PrinterPix - £7.99 photo book

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Daily Offers Post! 14th July

Ok so thought I'd start sharing the offers I receive via email each day.

 I have signed up for Amazon Local, Groupon and Wowcher as they always have great offers on.

Here are the websites...

Pumpkin Patch - Summer Clearance and free delivery

Daily offers post....

I'm starting a daily post with details of offers and discount codes I've been emailed each day. Also any sales or bargains I come across. Just click the images to be taken to the relevant websites! Sharing is caring :)

Will start tomorrow :) x

Monday, 13 July 2015

Last week of school!

So 5 more days left at school then 6wks off!

Ellie went on a trip to Thorpe Park with school today, she loved it. I think she has been bitten by the theme park bug now! 

Friday, 10 July 2015

Facebook Page

I have started a Facebook page for my blog, it seemed the next step in getting more readers and subscribers.

You can visit the page...

Please pop over and give us a like :)

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Village Scarecrow Competition

Our village are doing a scarecrow competition! The kids loved walking round and seeing them all then voting for their favourite! I have to admit we didn't do one but we do wish we had now as it looked so fun! People put a lot of effort in but I have to say it was quite hard to see any sign of straw in some of them lol ;) 

Below are the entries for the competition


Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Sports day!

It was my baby boys first sports day today, how can that be?! 

He was so excited and had been practising his running for god knows how long! He told us he was doing the sack race but it turned out he actually did the beanbag on a bat race and came 3rd!

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Summer holiday Planner

Have finished our holiday planner now, I've booked or planned ideas in for 3 days of each week and I'm leaving 2 days just to chill at home and have friends round. Not everything I've planned is an all day thing either so it's not as manic as it looks but enough to keep the kids from being bored! 

Monday, 6 July 2015

Busy week

We have a busy week ahead, I feel tired just thinking about it! 

Monday I am doing a first aid course through the children's centre, they are putting on a crèche for Lexie. It's only 2hrs and cost £5 so that's good. Looking forward to refreshing my knowledge as it's always good thing to be up to date on! 

On Tuesday we have a play date with a friend so that will be nice to catch up over a cuppa and in the afternoon Riley and Keira have their transition afternoon with their new class teachers for next year. Hopefully they both like them and are looking forward to starting their new school years!

On Wednesday I am meeting my sister for lunch which I'm looking forward to as we don't get to catch up that often even though we live local to each other. She works full time and if she's not working she's taxi-ing my nephew around to his football which seems to occupy most of their weekends! Something I have to look forward to lol, so she keeps telling me!

After school on Wednesday I am taking the youngest 2 children to a photo shoot, Riley is having a superhero shoot so we are taking all his dressing up costumes and Lexie is having a fairy shoot so I will take some nice dresses/tutus and hair ands etc. it's all about the background apparently! It's photoshop amazing?!

On Thursday we have sports day at school, it's Riley's first one and I can't wait to see him running, he's very excited! Run Roo run!! Hoping it's not too hot mainly for the children's sake! After lunch we have our swimming lesson which is lovely in this hot weather, so refreshing. Only a few weeks left before the end of term and the photo shoot. 

After school we are going to walk around our village looking at all the scarecrows on show as we have a competition on so we will see them all and judge which we think is the best and put our vote in. People have really gone all out from the ones I've seen so I will upload some pics in a separate post and you can see too. So far I've seen some minions and a few elsa's plus an amazing spongebob!

Friday is a nice quiet day, no plans yet so will probably try and catch up with some washing and housework on general! As if lol ;)

Have a good week all x

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Pictures from Try-athon

It was actually a Try-Athlon they did lol, oh well ;)  
they all did so well!
Activity 1....
Activity 2....

Activity 3 was passing but I was involved so couldn't take pictures!
This is Riley getting his certificate for participating and also some sweets!

Riley raised a total of £100 for Wooden Spoon! Well done son, super proud of you!

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Riley's sponsored Try-athon!

Riley started Rugbytots a few weeks back and today he is doing a sponsored Try-athon, the children are taking part in three main activities, non-stop for a period of 5 min’s each. The challenge is to complete as many as possible in the time allowed. There is a small prize and certificate for every child who takes part.

A class total of the activities will be added at the end and the winning class in the area will all receive a Rugbytots bear. In addition to this, prizes will be allocated for top National fundraisers as follows:

1st Prize – 5 tickets to Rugby Premiership Final 2016 plus over-night accommodation

2nd Prize –  5 tickets for a family day at Chessington world of adventures

3rd Prize - 2 tickets to a premiership game of choice (depending on availability)

The Charity they are fundraising for is called Wooden Spoon. Here is some more information on the charity I have found...

"Wooden Spoon was found in 1983 and has since then been making a difference to the lives of disadvantaged children and young people. It is one of the largest funders of respite and medical treatment centres, sensory enhancement therapeutic facilities, specialist playgrounds, sport activity areas and community based programmes in the UK. To date they’ve granted over £20 million to fantastic projects. All the money raised in each local area stays within the local area and therefore people can really see the difference that their fundraising is making. Our aim is to increase awareness of this fantastic charity and increase funding for their incredible work. Wooden Spoon is Inspired and motivated by rugby heritage and by working together with the rugby community, with the support of its top sporting heroes, Spoon have been able to help over 1 million children and fund over 600 projects."

Or you can visit the website 

Riley has raised £80 so far, I think we will round it off to &100 as we haven't actually sponsored him yet! 

You can find details of local classes to you by visiting the website

Wish him luck! I'll update later with how he go on and some pictures

School Fete

Went to the school fete today, we go every year and I always spend way too much money and come home with loads of stuff I don't need, sometime even my own stuff I had donated!! Oh well it's to raise money for the school so I shouldn't moan really!!

The Year 4 children did farmers market themed stalls, they were selling homemade jams and honey or running little petting zoos or charging to hold the guinea pig lol :) 

The had some old vintage tractors on display too which Riley loved!

There was the normal tombola and raffle stalls, a book and toy stall plus face painting/glitter tattoos and bouncy castle. They had a bbq and refreshments and ice creams. 

They had the headmaster and a few other teachers in the stocks and were charging £2 for 3 sponges and a bucket of water! I got the headmaster a gooden!

Riley loved soaking the caretaker too!
There were stalls like lucky dip stalls and fish a duck stalls in a paddling pool, I love those ones :) proper old school :)

They had various performances on throughout, Ellie did her cheerleading and there was a gymnastics club and karate performances too which were good

Ellie and her cheerleading squad did 3 performance at school fetes today. Talk about bad planning by the schools lol, you'd think they'd communicate amongst themselves just so they can get as many visitors as possible!!

Riley had his face painted, he loved it as he is obsessed with angry birds so came home a super happy boy! 

I'm not sure how much money they raised yet but fingers crossed they have raised enough to resurface the adventure playground so they can reopen it over the holidays ready for September.

Weather was really hot again but tonight is cooler which is great as I'm not sleeping well in this heat! In your typical British person, moan if it's too hot and moan of its too cold lol!

New teachers and School reports...end of term

Having a super proud mummy day :) Received Keira and Riley's school reports and they are doing fabulously! I think I've mentioned before that I've had Ellie report a few weeks already.

 As expected with Riley's development delay he is slightly behind in some areas but has progressed so much since starting school and achieved far more than was expected of him so I'm very happy. He struggles with his reading, writing and maths and also singing and dancing. They commented on his excellent imaginative play and understanding of the world which was no surprise to me. He works so much better within a structure activity rather than free flow/play time. 

Keira is a popular member of her class who tries her best in all her work and is over achieving the targets set of her and the average for her age in most areas so that is great! She works well in a team and is a sensible role model who challenges herself. She has made great progress this year and her teacher just mentioned about her taking a more of a leading role within group work next year.

Ellie is in top groups for science and English  and is doing very well in RE, computer science, English and Maths. and got all 1 and 2 grades (out of 4) in every subject. She struggles abit with PE, history and technology especially if it's doing something she doesn't really enjoy doing or interest her like electronics, football or history etc but she is getting better! All her teachers commented on what a pleasure she is to teach and how she always works to her full potential and completes all work set of her. She a popular confident enthusiastic pupil with a positive attitude! They did suggest she participate in more extra curricular activities within the PE department. I can see why she doesn't as she is quite sporty out of school with gymnastics and cheerleading so probably doesn't want to give up anymore of her spare time lol! They also mentioned about her taking on more leading roles within group work and use more descriptive language to develop her ideas more.

All in all 3 fantastic reports :)

We also found out Riley and Keira's teachers for next year as they have their transition afternoon on Tuesday. Riley has 2 part time teachers which I'm not very happy about mainly because in my experience (Ellie had a teacher share in year 4) it did not work at all as they did not know if they were coming or going! Ok so it was not planned as her teacher became ill so left suddenly so I am hoping there will be more planning and routine for Riley's year 1! 

Keira has a new teacher who is starting at the school in September. She has 2 children at the school so I know of her and she seems nice so quite happy about this. 

I haven't heard anything about Ellie's teaching changing next year so I'm assuming they will stay the same.

I can't believe Keira will be in year 6 in September then only a year away from secondary! I think we will have to apply for her school place in October to hear in March whether she gets accepted. I'm  hoping with the fact Ellie already goes to the secondary school we want that there won't be a problem getting her a place as its not our catchment area school.

I'm a little nervous about Riley moving up a year, I hope he settles ok and builds a rapport with his teachers and that they understand and get to know him and his little ways quickly and the transition runs smoothly. I think I need to give him more credit where it's due really as he has exceeded expectations so far but I still worry, that's what us mums do though isn't it.

I've planned quite a bit over the summer hols but still planned in a few rest days each week so as not to overdo it! 

2wks left of school, can't believe it, where did that year go?!!!

Friday, 3 July 2015

Baby giggles.... Proper belly laughter!!

Lexie has recently found her proper belly giggle and it is just soooo cute! Never fails to make me smile and cheer me up! It's funny that this amazing sound is coming out of this tiny baby! 

Have a listen and spread this infectious giggle ;)


Ellie will be 13 soon and boy don't we know it! I know I've been that age and so should sympathise with her but I'm pretty sure I wasn't this sulky and moody lol! 

Her hormones are through the roof and I'm sure she's not far off starting her period but it just seems overnight she has changed from my mini best friend to a moody little argumentative git I don't recognise anymore! 

It's only been a few days but I already miss our chatting and jokes! She is currently in day 3 of her strop which started all because I said she couldn't go shopping with her friend. Don't get me wrong she goes into our local town with her friends but that is 10min drive tops and she wanted to go to the nearest city as the shops are better. This is a 45min to 1hr bus/car journey away which I am not comfortable with! 

I trust Ellie totally it's other people I don't trust! I know I need to release the reins at some point but I feel this is too soon and I'm thankful that most people (her dad and nan) other than Ellie agree with me! 

I've offered a compromise of taking them and letting them shop on their own then meeting up and coming home together but noooooo this is not cool apparently!

The thing with Ellie is that she goes on and on about things which really annoys me and I'm quite a stubborn person as is she so neither of us gives in!

Ellie needs to realise that in general she is a very lucky girl in what she has and does and this is really the only big thing that I've put my foot down about but I do feel really strongly about it. 

This is only the start of it too and no doubt it will get worse before it gets better! Why did I have 3 girls lol :) arrrgggh!

Any tips or is it just a case of riding it out?

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Water Babies swimming update

We are 6 weeks into our first 10 week term with Water Babies and I am just so happy with the course and progress Lexie is making. 

It's amazing to see not just Lexie but all the babies progressing each week. Today Lexie did 3 underwater swims and for the first time went solo! Ok so all I did was release my hold on her but boy was this a huge thing for me to do, totally against my motherly instinct!! Lexie was not phased at all and came to the surface of the water herself! 

I think I have mentioned previously but she now recognises the cue words and knows when she is going underwater so will hold her breathe! Totally amazing!! 

I could praise Water babies all day long, I know the course is expensive but it is so worth it and I'm so looking forward to continuing our swimming journey next term with them! 

We have also learnt about holding on to the side of the pool this week, it's a safety lesson for Lexie and in the long term will teach her to be able to save herself by holding on at the side of the pool! Very clever, they all learn so quickly at this age, absorbing all the information like a sponge! 

Not long until the underwater photo shoot, I will share the picture once we have done it :) sooooo exciting!!

Pregnancy timeline

Been having a little play with the app flipagram and put together a timeline of my bump pictures.

I'm so glad I did the regular pictures, it's so lovely to look back at. 
I have the finished timeline (as my cover picture on Twitter) as a canvas in Lexie's room and I think when she's older it will be lovely for her to see when she was in my belly ❤️

It was a friend of mine who has just recently started his own photography business that took the pictures, we did a shoot every 4 weeks throughout my pregnancy then one once Lexie was born, and then he gave me the canvas at the end. You can see more of his photography by visiting his website 

Here's the link to my finished flipagram pregnancy timeline...

Let me know what you think :)