Friday, 12 June 2015

Our first book review - 'Nemo and Giraffe' by Lee Hunter

Today I received a lovely email from Lee Hunter asking us to review a book she had written about her pet cat Nemo. She wrote and published the book herself, I thought it was definitely worth a read especially as I love cats, having 2 myself :) and I have to say we weren't disappointed at all! 

Title - Nemo and Giraffe
Author - Mrs Lee Hunter
Illustrated by Lindy Damen

This book is a lovely children's story about 2 unexpected best friends!

Without giving away the storyline totally, I thought this story was a lovely heartwarming tale about a diverse friendship! Teaching children that even if people aren't the same they can still get along and be friends and support each other through life.

 I can definitely see Nemo and Giraffe going on lots of adventures in future tales to come, getting up to mischief even if they are just around the house! 

A great story showing children that being different is ok and that animals have rights and feelings too! 

I really like the life lessons the book is teaching children and think that future books could really expand on this more, the sky is the limit!

My children love animals so really enjoyed the story, they would love to read more stories about Nemo and Giraffe.

The only slight critique would be about the font style, I personally found it a little harder to read than a standard font. Just made the flow of the story a little harder work for me when reading to my children.

The book can be purchased through Amazon by clicking the link below...

We really enjoyed our first book review and hope you enjoy reading both the book itself and our review. This book is definitely worth a read :)

Have a good weekend

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