Saturday, 27 June 2015

Lexie's 5 month update!

My little bubba is 5mths old!

We finally have some kind of routine yay! 
Our day roughly goes like this....
Wake 6-7am feed
9-10am nap
10-11am feed
11-12 2hrs nap
1-2pm feed
4-5pm feed then half hour nap
5-5.30 food
6-7pm bath, feed and bed

Lexie has *touchwood* sleep from 7pm u too 4.30am the last couple of nights which is amazing compared to what she was doing, I can definitely cope with that! She then takes a feed and goes back to bed until 6-7am, she only awake for 10mins max.

Her feeding is still the same with regards to the amount she's taking, she takes 3-4oz depending on the feed. I fact the night feed is the only feed she will take nearly 5oz!

She is such a smiley and happy baby, I think she is definitely a mummy's girl, though she does give dad some cracking smiles!

I last weighed her just under a week ago and she was 16lb 4oz so that's a 7oz gain in a week.

Lexie loves her jumperoo and hops from one leg to the other like she is walking, it's so cute! She still hasn't got much hand eye coordination so I haven't started a finger foods yet and she's not really holding any toys much still. I think that progresses around this month or thereabouts.

Lexie still has the most gorgeous blue eyes, I hope they don't change but I have green eyes and hubby has brown and so does Riley so I assume they will go brown too. I can't remember when the others changed, I think it was slowly over time as I don't remember it. 

Clothes wise I think I'm going to get the 6-9mth clothes out as sleep suits are a bit of a squeeze now but other 3-6 are still ok.

I've tried her with loads of different purees and she is definitely not a fussy baby lol, on average she will take half an Ella's kitchen pouch a day around teatime. She has this week learnt a new trick of blowing raspberries during dinner time which results in her, me and everything around getting covered! It's very funny though!

I think it's definitely been a significant change this month, mainly due to the fact we have finally found a routine that suits! Big yay!!

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