Tuesday, 23 June 2015

General Family Update!

So sorry for the lack of posts recently, I have some family stuff going on at the moment :(

Anyway what have we been up to?
Yesterday Lexie and I completed our 4wk baby massage course, I'm really going to miss the people so hopefully we will meet outside of the course now. This is the 2nd massage course we have done and it was quite different to the last one as we did different parts of the body each week and learnt different techniques compared to doing the whole body each lesson in the last course. I found that we learnt more this course by concentrating on each area in more detail. Lexie was a lot more active this time round and rolled away from me a lot but I also think she enjoyed it this time being that little bit older. I found she slept well afterwards :)

We also signed up to our next term of swimming with Water Babies. Its quite expensive but we are both really enjoying it. Lexie swims underwater 3 times on average at each lesson and is recognising the queue words to the games and actions we do in class, for example she knows when she is going underwater and will now hold her breathe first! Its amazing to watch the progress. We have an underwater shoot next month which I'm really looking forward too!

Riley is off to a farm with his class on Thursday, he is so excited about it mainly because he's going on a coach lol! The farming bit is not really anything new to him obviously!! He started Rugbytots a few weeks back and is loving it, hubby is very happy he is getting into Rugby, hoping we have the next Johnny Wilkinson in training!! We still aren't getting very far with the new bike we got Riley, he still prefers his balance bike rather than a bike with pedals! I think this is definitely part of his development delay and motor skills so will bring it up in the SENCO meeting I have on Thursday at school. His writing is coming on great, he did his family tree and wrote hubby's fathers day card by himself which is fantastic! All in all he is doing fabulously well and I'm very proud! He is practicing his running loads ready for his first school sports day in a few weeks!

Keira has moved up a level in swimming which is great as she isn't a very confident swimmer bless her. I have her down on the waiting list for 1 to 1 swimming lessons so fingers crossed a place becomes available soon. She has given up on piano now, which I knew was coming as I could see she has stopped enjoying it. She wants to try trampoline now so waiting to hear back about that now! These kids have a better social life than me!! I just seem to spend my life taxing them from here to there!! Keira is halfway through a school project called the fiver challenge where the class are split into groups and given £5 and her to make as much money as possible, its still very secretive at the moment but from what I can gather she is running a lemonade stall!

Ellie is still enjoying her gymnastics and cheerleading. She is trying out for squad next month so that will be good. This week there are extra training as they are performing at the town carnivals this weekend. As it coming to the end of the school year she was chosen to attend a school trip to Thorpe Park for her progress so she's ecstatic about that. We received her school report this week and it was amazing, no negative feedback at all, this doesn't surprise me though as she does try her hardest at everything. Hopefully should receive Keira and Riley in the coming weeks too :) I'll be a triple proud mumma by school breaks up!

Lexie is coming up 5mths this weekend I know I say it over and over again but she really is growing up sooooo fast its scary! Her sleeping is slightly better as is her feeding but I won't say too much in case I jinx myself lol plus I won't have anything to write in the 5mth update post!

Me... how am I doing? Well my back is absolute agony again so much so I am back at the doctors tomorrow, I think next step is an MRI. Long story cut short, 18mths ago I fractured my coccyx and have been through an agonising pregnancy with it and to see various physio with no progress. Its now moving to my upper back as well as my lower back and the pain relief I'm on is just not doing anything anymore so something needs to be done as I can't cope much longer.

We still haven't got the builders in starting our extension which is really beginning to grate on me as I hate living in a pigsty and in limbo not knowing what's happening so they better get there arses in gear soon! I'm annoying that we have to live in the life whilst its being done but we have no option but I'm more annoyed that we won't be able to really use the garden during the school holidays as the extension is out the back! I'm dreading all the dust etc.. arghhhhhh!!! its going to be 6 loooonnnggg weeks to complete it! I know it will be worth it when its done though.

Hubby is really starting to get busy with work, he works such long hours I couldn't do it! He does need to remember he's no spring chicken anymore though :) haha! Time to slow down a bit soon I think as he's 40 in August!!! Ordered his presents so that all sorted, one less thing to worry about.

Anyway I'm rambling now so I'll sign off. Have a good day :)

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