Thursday, 21 May 2015

Water babies - our second swimming lesson

We had another great swimming lesson! 

L did 2 underwater swims today, one with the teacher to me and the other I did on my own! I was dreading physically putting her under water myself but it went amazingly well and she was fine! I actually think she knew what was coming and held her breath on one of the times, I think she recognised the cue of 'Lexie, ready, go' 

She did get a little whingy towards the end which I think was a mixture of tiredness, teething and the fact she splashed so much she soaked herself lol! She kicks around so much in the water, constantly! 

She really enjoys the splish splash game we do and today we did a game singing twinkle twinkle whilst she was on her back in the water, this went down well and I think will become a favourite of hers!

No lesson next week as its half term :( 

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