Friday, 1 May 2015

So who are we?

Me- Gemma, 32 years young, wife to Kevin and mum to 4 absolute beauties Ellie, Keira, Riley and Lexie. I am the boss in our house,  I love my soaps, I'm addicted to social media, love reality TV and reading gossip mags and autobiographies, I'm currently a stay at home mum as Lexie is only 3mths old and my job was working nights as a call handler for the ambulance service. However due to Hubby's job and having a baby working nights is not practical so I will be looking for another job when I'm ready to go back to work.

'The hubby' Kevin is 40 this year and works in the agricultural industry. He works very long hours especially during the summer and loves shooting, fishing, rugby and the mighty Arsenal! He is very much into his taxidermy, we have lots of trophies on our walls much to my dismay.

The eldest daughter Ellie is 12, she started secondary school in September and has grown up loads since then. She has always been a very sensible, loving young lady and since baby L has arrived she's really come into her own, a proper mother hen! She's very helpful around the house and with the baby. We are very similar, same sense of humour and wit and neither of us like talking about our feelings much, preferring to bottle them up! She is also the worlds biggest giggler, always laughing about something! She loves cheerleading and gymnastics and is constantly doing the splits or a handstand!

Keira, is the middle daughter and is 10, she is a petite little thing with gorgeous curly long blonde hair. She is the messiest unorganised person I know and lives in leggings! She loves her music and is always listening and singing away with her headphones on. She is quite shy and quiet in front on others and when you first meet her but then you can't shut her up lol! K is super caring if you are upset and always the first to offer a cuddle.

Riley is the only boy, he's 5 and has the most gorgeous big brown eyes ever! He is such a loving boisterous boy who loves socialising and playing on his ipad. He has additional needs and will always be slightly delayed with his peers. He has only really been talking just over a year and since starting school and having 1 to 1 support he has come on leaps and bounds

Lexie is the baby and is 3mths old. She has a head full of hair and totally has all of us wrapped around her little finger already. She dotes on Ellie and always has a smile for her even if she's been a totally whingebag all day!

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