Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Sleep! Zzzzzz

Baby L used to be quite a good sleeper! 

From early on i introduced a bedtime routine at 7pm and for ages she slept 7pm to 1am then woke once maybe twice after that before waking at 6-7am. She would take maybe 2/3oz each time as I've found that if I just give her the dummy she wakes again an hour later. 

She went through a stage of waking earlier at around 10pm and then waking every 2hrs after that, I was pulling my hair out and sooooo tired all the time it was stressing me out big time. 

Since the osteopathy appointment we've had some improvement and as it stands she still goes down at 7pm then wakes between 11-midnight for a feed (3-4oz) then again between 3/4am drinking about the same again. 

The other 3 children were all sleeping through by this age (3 and a half months) so I'm really not used to this and finding it had to function of this amount of sleep, look after the house and 3 other children etc! 

Would really appreciate any advice or tips to help, what worked for you? Someone mentioned putting an egg in the bedroom lol?! Right now I'm willing to try anything. 

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