Thursday, 14 May 2015

Quick summary of my birth stories

E was born at 36 weeks weighing 6lb 3oz. I was induced due to pre eclampsia and she was born by ventouse in theatre after a long 36hr labour. After a failed epidural and 2 failed attempts at the ventouse I was prep for theatre and given a spinal block just in case the third attempt also didn't work and they would need to do a caesarean but thankfully it did. She was born at 10.11am on 14th September 2002.

K was due on Christmas Day but because of several episodes of reduced movement they induced me a on the 21st December. The hospital admitted me that night and gave the pessary gel, by the morning I was contracting nicely so was taken down to delivery to have my waters broken at 10, I had an epidural and was eventually fully dilated and text to push. K arrived at 6.05pm on the 22nd December 2004 weighing 7lb 4 and 3/4oz after an established labour of 5 hours!

R was 5 days late but felt like 5 weeks lol!  I had been in slow labour for weeks with contractions starting and stopping. I went to be checked on the 28th December at around 3pm to be told I was still not in  established labour and to go home. Got home ran a bath, got in the bath and straight back out again and told hubby I needed to go back to the hospital as things were rapidly progressing. We got back to hospital and I was fully diluted and pushed him out on just gas and air! He was born at 6.47pm on 28th December 2009 weighing 7lb 13oz, we were home by 10pm!

L was born a week early. My waters went as I was making a cuppa one morning and so I took the kids to school and we went to hospital and they confirmed it was my waters as it had been a trickle rather than a gush. I was sent home to await the inevitable, if not I was booked to be induced the following morning. After no further progress I went to hospital the following morning and was given antibiotics and an early epidural because of ongoing back problems, they then started the syntocin drip to start the contractions. By 4pm I was 4cm dilated and by 7ish I was 8cm but the babies heart rate was dropping frantically so in  came the doctors, doctor did an examination and tucked the remaining cervix behind the babies head so I could start pushing. L had her head awkwardly placed so the doctor helped open my pelvis a bit and I managed to eventually push her out. She was born on 28th January 2015 at 9.13pm weighing 7lb 3oz. An ideal labour of absolutely no pain at all!!

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