Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Our week

Sooo how is our week going? Well the heating is on the blink, normally in May I wouldn't worry but it's bloody freezing and raining lol! Hopefully that will be sorted this week! 

Baby L had her 2nd osteopathy appointment today and it went well again so fingers crossed more progress. I have brought some teething granules as she is really knawing at her hand bless her! 

Tomorrow we have 16wk jabs (yay last lot  for a good while!) then onto baby massage. We missed last weeks as I was having a down day, " hadn't slept all well the night before and I just couldn't get motivated! We are starting another course in June with the local family centre so not overly worried. 

Thursday we have our 2nd Water babies swimming lesson, I'm so excited for it, not sure who's enjoying them more, me or L!! Need to reschedule R's eye appointment as it is the same time as the swimming. 

Friday I have my smear test booked, not the greatest of things to have done but it's got to be done and is very important. I would never miss one as I lost a friend to cervical cancer :( I just do t understand people who put them off or do t get them done at all. Could save your life!

Also got a free 10 minute consultation with a sleep consultant/expert for baby L night waking and lake of daytime nap routine, she will tell me if I really need her help or not! I'm desperate and willing to try anything now! She can wake anything from 2 to 5 times and I'm slowly losing the ability to cope with life!!

Anyway rambled now! Have a good week all :)

P.S if your smear is due, book that appointment :)

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