Thursday, 14 May 2015

Our first Water Babies swimming lesson!

Baby L loved it!
What a fab day we are having, first time rolling over this morning and first time swimming this afternoon! I knew she would enjoy it as she loves having a bath.

The lessons were held in a hydrotherapy pool at a special needs school so the water was lovely and warm just like a bath. There were 10 of us in the group and one of the non swimming staff members offered to take some pictures with my phone which was amazing, we got some good pictures, great for showing daddy later!

First we did some circular activities, and played a few singing games then the teacher took the babies for a swim to meet the other babies in the group individually then the dreaded underwater swim! I was dreading this and hadn't braced myself for it to happen today on our first lesson but it was fine. She was only under water for a few seconds and was a bit taken aback when she resurfaced lol but no crying! I was there to greet her with a big smile :)

Neither of us can wait for next week now. Fab fab fab first lesson!

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