Thursday, 7 May 2015

Our appointment to the osteopath

I took baby L to the osteopath on Tuesday and so far so good, have booked another appointment so hopefully we will see more progress in the coming weeks.

When we arrived Angela took notes of the problems we are having and some history of my pregnancy and the birth. She held her whilst feeling her spine, pelvis, head, neck and tummy which surprised me as I just assumed it was just cranial osteopathy but she does the whole body which is good.

She asked me if L had ever had an infection in her tummy (L was in SCBU for 5 days or this very reason) and explained that she could have inflammation from this causing her to feed little and often but still be hungry which is why she is ravenous at each feed but only takes a little. This seems to also have caused tension in one side of her neck/tongue which Angela released. 

Angela also brought up about one side on L's head being flat and explained that would have been because her head was in an awkward position on the way out which is correct as I rber the doctor stating this after examining me.

Apparently around this age babies mouth, chin and jaw start to grow onto their face so they lose their baby face and start developing their features more of that makes sense and this could be causing L pain when feeding which could be why she is showing teething signs and clenching her fists up by her face. Hopefully the relieves muscle in her neck will help with this.

Her sleeping and feeding her been a bit better since the visit so fingers crossed we see more progress. 

Will update after next appointment. Keep your fingers crossed for us please:)

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