Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Feeling deflated :( (unfortunately not literally!)

I've always been a short petite person and never had a huge appetite, never been one to finish a full meal and could quite easily skip breakfast. 

Even whilst pregnancy I only had a slight increase in my appetite with all my pregnancies but since baby L has been born my appetite has gone through the roof! 

After having her I lost the majority of any weight I had gained but after a few weeks my appetite changed dramatically. 
I have put on at least a stone and a half since then and now weigh 5lb more than I did at 38wks pregnant. I still look pregnant :( 

My whole life revolves around food now, even after eating a meal and dessert I will be hungry 10 minutes later! I have 3 full
Meals and snack in between. 

I feel like I'm in a vicious circle, the more I eat the hungrier I feel! It's a nightmare!  

I took myself to the doctors who booked me for various blood tests to see if the re was an under lying cause anyway fast forward to this morning when I went to the doctors to the blood results.... All normal! Obviously I'm glad  but I am no further forward and starting to feel quite down and even started skipping meals which I don't want to do!

The doctor didn't really know what to say and is going to chat the someone who specialises in hormones and see if there are any other tests she can do but the long and short of it is that I have to go back on a month to be weighed again and in the meantime I just have to live with it!

The change is so drastic in my appetite that I just know something isn't right, you just know don't you, instinct.

So as the title says I'm feeling deflated and I so wish it was literally but it's the opposite! Has anyone experienced anything like this before? My thought were thyroid but all tests came back normal :( 

I will write more positive posts in my blog I promise! I'm not all moan moan moan normally lol

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  1. Try not to worry.
    Your hormones will still be all over the place, After I had Chelsea I piled weight on and crept up to 17+ stone I could eat a pizza (whole) and then go to the I know what you mean....I think what you need to do is portion control, and more fruit, snack healthier.....DO NOT STARVE or SKIP meals you'll end up more hungry, and you'll just yo-yo....honestly try more water too when you feel hungry you could just be dehydrated.
    Hugs, I've been there and you will get back to normal...see after Corey my post natal nightmare as been HAIR LOSS I've lost 70% of my hair over the past yeah and affects us all differently xx