Monday, 4 May 2015

Cranial paediatric osteopathy

I'm thinking of booking baby L in to see someone who specialises in paediatric osteopathy for a few reasons as I'm near the end of my tether and need some help.

The main reason is her sleeping (or lack of!), during the day she cat naps 5- 30mins  a time and at night she wakes up to 7 times where I either feed or pop her dummy in. She is always tired and whingey and never seems content. She is very clingy and crys unless she is being held. 

Her feeding is also an issue, she feeds little and often, 3oz every 2 hours ish, even then she is screaming for a bottle and ravenous when she gets the bottle! 

I know that they may all seem 'normal' baby traits but added together I feel there may be an under lying problem which is why I think a osteopathist may be my answer.

 Have you experienced anything like this? How did you overcome it? Have you visited an osteopathist? Was it worth the money, dos it work for you? Would love to hear any advice you have please :)

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